angel numbers


Hey lovely soul...

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Everyone was talking about angel numbers, seeing them all the time.

And, for the life of me, no matter how hard I tried I simply wasn't seeing any.

And that was frustrating because it seemed that anyone and anybody could and was seeing these special numbers which had such special meanings.

Numbers like 11:11 or 22:22 on a clock, or 111 or 333 on car number plates, or 2222 followers on their facebook page or instagram account... and I was seeing nothing.

So I created reasons and excuses for myself:

  • I'd worked for years in finance and had been very unhappy so numbers didn't have a happy association with me
  • I'd been an assistant treasury manager and had moved around huge amounts of money in currencies where bafflingly large numbers actually meant little value so numbers carried little value for me
  • I've never had a good track record with money and numbers in that sense. As a child I was always seen as wreckless with whatever money I had

... and so the reasons and excuses kept mounting up. Reasons and excuses that made me feel comfortable and which I could hide behind.

Henry Ford coined a very clever phrase which went something like: "Whether you can or you can't, you're right". In other words, if you believe in something you'll attract it and you're right. If you don't believe in something you'll make that your reality, and, again, you're right.

So I was creating the reality that I couldn't see angel numbers. Not only that but I was creating reasons that I could hide behind and hang onto as to why I couldn't see angel numbers. And guess what? I couldn't see angel numbers.

So I changed my thinking. I decided that I wanted to see angel numbers and I decided that I could and would see angel numbers. And after a short while, what do you think happened? I started to see angel numbers.

And I started to get really excited about seeing angel numbers.

And everytime I saw an angel number I'd smile and say thank you to the angels for being close to me and letting me know they are there.

For me angel numbers weren't and aren't confined to specific sequences. If I look at the clock and see 12:21 or waken and it's 04:04 or 02:20, I smile and say thank you to the angels for being close to me.

Some people might think I'm 'bending the rules' when it comes to angel numbers or making it up as I go along just to feel better, but that's what it's like to have the angels in your life. You see little prompts everywhere that remind you that they're there. If, for example, you work from home and don't always get outside, they just don't remind you at 11:11 or 22:22 that they're there. The angels want you to feel them close in everything you do. So if that means reminders and prompts at 12:21 or 14:41 or 16:16 or if you wake from a bad dream at 03:30... the more we feel the angels in our life, the more reminders and prompts we open our eyes to, the closer we can feel to the angels and the better and stronger our relationship is with them.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx