what's Simply Skin all about?

As Simply Skin has grown and blossomed it's become a beautiful blend of luxurious skincare products steeped in angelic love, beautiful radiant skin, a lesson (or lessons) in self-love and a whole lot of love for not just bunnies but for other ethics that are important to my heart and to my customers... it's become a brand that I feel deeply proud of.

luxurious skincare products...

The skincare I design and create contains some of the best ingredients that nature has on offer. Wherever possible, I choose organic ingredients and when it comes to oils I use, wherever available, C02 Extracted Oils - a fancy way of describing oils that are extracted from their source in such a way that they are deemed to be the purest and gentlest botanical extracts available in skincare.

As you can, no doubt, gather from this, it is truly important to me that I design and create skincare products that will woo and seduce your skin, and leave it glowing with health and vitality.

Not only that, I also want my skincare to make you feel amazing as a woman and that's why I create it to truly feel luxurious. Because skincare should be much more than healthy, vibrant skin. It should be about creating a glow from the inside, out. And that glow comes from self-love... more about that in a minute.

steeped in angelic love...

It's not just the blending of beautiful ingredients that makes your skin radiate and glisten with health and vitality when you use my products, every single product I hand-create is steeped in the love of the angels.

From the gentle infusion of love which tenderly and serenely embraces your skin in the Pure & Sensitive collection, to the soothing infusion of copious amounts of angelic love and tenderness that lovingly hug you and your skin in the Guilty Pleasures collection. Each product is gently and lovingly boosted to bring even more natural radiance to your skin.

By steeping them in angelic love, I ensure my products' vibrations are kept high and positive. We are all created from energy and impacted by the energy of everything we come into contact with. To live an abundant life we want to keep our vibrations high and there is no vibration more positive or more loving than that of angelic love.

beautiful radiant skin...

There are a ton of skincare products out there offering you the world but rarely doing what you really want them to do. Brands focus on your insecurities, your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities. They come at you with promises to “look younger”, or the old chestnut “turn back the clock on your wrinkles”. So many promises… but do they always give you the results you’re really looking for?

So what are you really looking for? Deep down… what do you really, truly want? I’m guessing you’re thinking things like: “I just want to get rid of dry patches on my face”, or “I want something that’s gentle enough and doesn't cause more breakouts in my skin”, or “I just want my feet to stop feeling tired at the end of every week” or, “I want products that won’t irritate my sensitive skin”. I’m right, aren’t I?

It’s the sore feet, the dry skin, the breakouts, the sensitive skin, all those problems that, quite frankly, are HUGE until you find a product that can help ease your pain and, quite honestly, hug you through to the other side.

And that’s exactly what my products do. They don't offer false hopes, they don't shine a light on your insecurities. They just do... gently and with love.

a lesson (or lessons) in self-love...

Inside every Simply Skin jar are little seeds of confidence that grow and blossom as you begin to see and believe just how beautiful you truly are. With the media focusing on unachievable perfections ("you have to be super skinny", "cellulite is a no-no", "don't age, gracefully or otherwise"...) and with many skincare brands lasering in on our insecurities ( “you should look younger”, “only pretty women should use this”, “turn back the clock on your wrinkles”...), is it any wonder we can't see our natural beauty?

And that seriously bugs me! Each and every one of us is truly beautiful, naturally. We may not have the cellulite-free-photo-shopped body or the wrinkle-free-photo-shopped face, we have so much more - true, natural beauty as Mother Nature intended. We just have to learn to recognise and celebrate our femininity and sensuality.

And that's where I'm here to help. Through my website, my Facebook page, and my free "Spa Club" newsletter I celebrate the women that we naturally are and I invite you to join me so, together, we can grow in confidence in our own natural beauty, make self-care a priority and soak ourselves in the warm glow of self-love.

a whole lot of love for bunnies...

Not only is Simply Skin a registered and certified cruelty-free brand, we (ie you and I) also provide cuddles, food and shelter to a volunteer-run centre for rescued bunnies (and other animals) by donating 10% of each and every order value. I call it the Simply Skin "Bunny Initiative".

I've also found that most of my customers like to actively contribute too so I've also introduced an option on all my products where you can choose to 'cuddle a bunny', 'feed a bunny', or ''shelter a bunny' for a very small additional amount... and that's been a roaring success!

I feel and know that I am blessed to have a brand through which I can make this world a brighter and more loving place. And I want to thank you, with all my heart, for helping me because only together can we achieve magic.

The creation of the Bunny Initiative has been like the cherry on top of the cake for me because, through it, I've uncovered a way whereby the often cruel and horrid relationship between bunnies and the 'beauty' industry can once again be a wonderful and positive relationship to be truly celebrated. And being part of something that creates such a positive difference is something both you and I should be really proud of.

ethics and heartfelt principles...

From financially supporting a bunny rescue centre to using the ingredients I believe to be the best for your skin, Simply Skin has been created and has grown out of ethics and heartfelt principles.

When I look at brands, I view them like they're a living person and I ask myself questions like "if this brand was a person, is it the kind of person I'd like to hang out with? Is it the kind of person who feels and thinks like I do; has principles similar to mine?"

 Life is much more fun, enjoyable and easy when you hang around with people who are like you, who think like you, who believe in what you believe. There are less confrontations and disagreements, your relationship simply flourishes and your vibration remains high. And it's exactly the same with the brands you choose to support.

I have created and grown Simply Skin based on very personal ethics and principles; on who I am, rather than on what is currently trending or what I feel will please everyone. Because I want my brand to be authentic and grown out of honesty and integrity. And I want to attract women like me, with similar ethics and principles to me; women I enjoy hanging out with.