In this  card, the  very first thing that caught my eye was the huge wave behind the girl. She's got wings so she's possibly a fairy. She's riding in front of the wave. Now, after close inspection, I can see that she's riding two fish but what really stood out for me wasn't the fish. I had to really look closely at the card to see the fish. It was their fins that stood out, fins that look like butterflies to me. Even the wings of the fairy look like a butterfly. So, it's important for me to consider that, rather than assuming that she is riding in front of this wave on a couple of fish. It's the butterflies that are important.

This card is all about 'acceptance'. What does it mean whenever we talk about acceptance? Well, if we look at the fairy, for example, and how she is standing. Her eyes are closed, she's leaning back. It's as if she is surrendering, she is fully trusting that the wave is not going to catch up with her, is not going to overcome her, and is not going to wash over her. She has such faith and trust that she will be okay, that she will continue to surf in front of the wave, that it will not pull her under.

Perhaps you have a challenge in your life at the moment. Perhaps something's not quite going your way. Or perhaps you have an illness or a dis-ease in your body. And you look at it as a curse, rather than a blessing. And you're trying to swim against the waves. There's no chance that you can swim against the wave on the card. If you turn around, the wave is going to completely knock you off your feet and you're not going to stand a chance.

So the angels are encouraging us to see and look at any challenges that are in our life as opportunities to grow, opportunities to change. Not to look at them as curses but to surrender and trust that the angels and the Divine have got us, that they are guiding us, that they are supporting us.

When we think about water, we think about emotions. When we think about waves, especially the one on the card, it's so huge and is taller than the girl is, waves mean that there's a great change coming your way. When you accept how your life is. When you trust and surrender and let the angels and the Divine guide you, massive change will come into your life, massive positive change will come into your life.

We can see there's a lot of green on the card too which is healing, the colour of healing. So not only will it just bring great change, positive change to your life, but it'll bring great healing as well because no longer are you trying to swim upstream, which is not an easy task, you're going with the flow of life and, yes, there will be large changes looming behind you but you need to trust that the angels have got you.

 I mentioned that the fins and the fairy wings look very much like butterflies to me. Butterflies are all about transformation. If you think of a butterfly's life, it's not an easy life going from being a caterpillar to cocooning itself and, eventually, turning into this most beautiful insect, a butterfly. It's life is not easy. It is full of challenges. And yet, at the end of its life, it brings great transformation.

The angels are saying that whenever you bring acceptance into your life, and you trust and you surrender, that you are being guided, then you will transform, you will become this beautiful and amazing butterfly. You will experience great change but you will experience great transformation as well.

The other symbol I want to highlight in the corner is the full moon. When the full moon is in the sky, it has completed its lunar cycle. So the full moon is all about completion, all about looking at how far you have come and looking at how much you have grown. And whenever you do accept, trust, surrender, and know that you are being supported and are being guided, then you can look back and see how far you have come, see how much you have grown, see how much you have changed and transformed.

If you look at the colours, it's every colour of the spectrum, it looks like rainbows everywhere. Rainbows represent expansive blessings and support from the angelic and spiritual realm. These rainbow colours are everywhere on this card, So, whenever you do accept, whenever you do surrender and trust that you are being guided, you will be lifted up by the angels and by the Divine.

Such a strong message on this card. Such a powerful message.

You can see the power behind this message simply by looking at the wave on the card and how huge it is.

It's such a strong message to say "We are guiding you, we are supporting you." The Divine and the angels are always with us. What may seem like a challenge or a curse to us in our life, is actually given to us because the angels and the Divine know we can handle it. They won't give us anything we cannot handle. But we need to change our point of view and look at that as a blessing. What is it teaching me? How can I transform as a result of this challenge? How can I bring about big changes? How can I expand? How can I become a better person?

Accept, trust, surrender that you are being supported and you are being guided.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Whispers of Healing Oracle Deck by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall

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