ace of ariel

It's your lucky day! New resources of money, time, or support. A change in job or a promotion.

Isn't the depiction of Archangel Ariel, on this card, just radiant? Isn't she just glowing and glistening as the light shines down on her? It feels that she's glowing so radiantly because of the positive, uplifting news she's brought to us today... things, today, are working out.

There's a lot of green in the card, the colour of healing. However, if you notice, the green appears to be mostly in the background which suggests that a lot of healing has already taken place.

Have you been struggling with your self-worth and, therefore, not been able to attract the money you need and want into your life? Take comfort in that your self-worth has received healing and now's the time to start attracting that money into your life.

Have you been struggling with self-confidence and, therefore, not been successful in your quest to find a new job or receive promotion? Take comfort in that your self-confidence has received healing and now's the time to put yourself forward for whatever job and career oppotunities light you up.

Have you been struggling with self-esteem and, therefore, thought it not possible to find a new love or your soul mate? Take comfort in that your self-esteem has received healing and now's the time to put yourself out there so your paths may cross with your new love or soul mate.

Whatever your struggle, know that healing has taken place and now's the time to step forward and invite opportunities into your life.

In the card is a body of water, possibly a lake. If you look at the water, it is extremely calm. There are no waves, there aren't even any ripples. The surface of the water is as smooth and reflective as a mirror. Water relates to our emotions. Whilst, again, the water is in the background, implying that we may have experienced a whole array of emotions as we struggled to bring into our life the things we wanted and needed before the healing took place, now the water is smooth, our emotions are calmed. We can relax and accept all that is coming our way.

In the forefront of the picture we see gold coins, yellow flowers and beautiful beams of sunlight which seem to make Archangel Ariel glow.

Coins, as you might expect, reflect money and also riches. And gold is the colour of prosperity and success. What this means is the riches (be it money or otherwise) that have been lacking in your life are on their way. And, soon, your life will feel prosperous and you will enjoy success.

Flowers are all about expressing your emotions and yellow is the colour of optimism, positivity and self-belief. Now is not the time to doubt yourself or question the abundance that is making its way to you. Now's the time to give thanks and gratitude for the many blessings that you know will shower down on you. Now's the time to believe you are worthy. Feel confident and raise your self-esteem so you are open to receive.

The beautiful beans of sunlight tell us to be true to who we are, to shine our light and be our authentic self. And Ariel, although clearly an angel in this picture, also symbolises feminine energy, the energy of being open to receive.

This is a truly uplifting card letting us know that now is the time, now is the time to be open to receive everything that, in the past, you have struggled with. Now's the time to give thanks and gratitude for everything that you are about to receive before you receive it and as you receive it.

Have faith, believe in your abiliities and worthiness to receive, and remain optimistic.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Archangel Power Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

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