archangel michael

you're working very closely with this powerful archangel, who's protecting amd guiding you through this situation


Archangel Michael, leader of the angels. His name means 'He who is like God'.

When you see Archangel Michael and the colours that he brings towards you, quite often, as it suggests in his robe on the card, he can appear with a deep purple or he can also, as I would refer to him appearing, in a lovely cobalt blue.

He often carries a sword or a spear with him. As you can see on the card, he is carrying a sword. And it is a mighty sword that can cut through anything. It can cut through anything that's standing in your way of greatness, it can cut through any energies that are attached to you which are holding you back, it can cut through any emotional, psychic or spiritual cords that are connecting you to people, events, and situations that aren't serving you anymore.

Maybe it's a past relationship that you require heealing from. Call on Michael, call on him sincerely, and he will step in with his mighty sword and he will cut through those cords. And he will do it each and every time you ask him to. Just thank him for doing so, no matter what situation you may feel is pulling you back, or holding you back, or stopping you from reaching your greatness.

Call on Michael. "Thank you Michael for taking your sword and cutting through the cords that are holding me back".

It's his sword of truth. And, through his sword, he can make you feel so safe.

Sometimes you find him with a shield as well. so, as a daily practice, what I invite you to do is to ask Archangel Michael to step in and to cut the cords that may be linking you to people, places, situations, and things that are not benefitting you. And then surround yourself with a beautiful bubble of cobalt blue or deep purple, his shield of protection to protect your energy that day.

It says on the card "you're working very closely with this powerful archangel, who's protecting and guiding you through this situation'. Through this card, the angels, in particular Archangel Michael, is saying 'there's something that's really bugging you at the moment'. There's something that's just niggling at you. Fear, perhaps, has gotten the better of you.

Perhaps you want to change something in your life. Perhaps you're ready for a change in job, perhaps you're ready to start your own business, perhaps you're ready to leave a relationship, cut cords with a relationship, but the fear is domineering you. Archangel Michael's here for you. He's here to support you. He's here to cut away that fear so that your light can shine so brightly and so strongly.

He's also the archangel that's associated with lightworkers. So, if you do feel called to do some kind of healing in this world, to help the human race step forward, call on Archangel Michael, work with Archangel Michael, especially if people don't believe in what you are talking about. Perhaps you want to go down a completely different route in your life and those around you, from a place of love, are telling you that you shouldn't do that, that you shouldn't walk away from a job that pays you, that you shouldn't walk away from a job that brings you security, and into the unknown. That will bring up fear in you. That's whenever you need Archangel Michael to give you the strength to step forward, to follow what you are being called to do, to be that lightworker, to be that change in this world.

There's a lot of light in the background of the card. It feels like there's a purple light below and when Archangel Michael appears on this card, all of a sudden the light becomes brighter - it's a lighter purple, it's lighter and more beautiful. And that's what he can do in your life.

There are only two energies in this world. One is the energy of fear and one is the energy of love. And far too often, probably about 80% if not even 95% of the time, our lives are ruled by the enrgy of fear. And that is stopping us reaching our potential, that's stopping us being who we could be, that's stopping our soul experiencing, to the full, this human experience.

When Archangel Michael comes into a situation, love will always prevail. The energy of love will cut through the energy of fear. And he will guide you and support you on your journey.

Through this card today, we have the most powerful (in my eyes) angel appearing to us today. 'He who is like God', the leader of the angels, the angel who cast Lucifer out of heaven. Michael is here with us today to support us, to guide us, and to tell us and tell you 'you are so much more than you think you are'. Do not let anybody or anything stop you. Do not let anybody or anything stand in the way of your greatness. Do not let anybody or anything hold you back. You are a great and mighty soul and you are here for a very unique and special purpose.

So, work with Archangel Michael today and every day. Thank him for being with you every day. Thank him for guiding you every day. Thank him for cutting through fear and letting love prevail. Thank him for releasing you from anything that's holding you back. And thank him for wrapping you in his most beautiful robe of cobalt blue or deep purple every single day.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Therapy Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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