begin now

From a personal perspective this card is very apt for me and, as always, it’s never a coincidence when a card is drawn.

You see, my email this week was all about my first meeting with my go-to Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, and recently I’ve been reviewing and honing in on my health and my lifestyle choices to see what/where I can make long-term improvements.

So, for me, the message from the angels, through this card, is one of support. They’re telling me that the nudges I have felt recently towards certain lifestyle changes, the articles that have randomly popped up when I was searching for something unrelated, the videos and documentaries I have been watching about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Well they didn’t appear by accident. I was meant to come across them. And the angels are saying to me: “you’ve done the reading, watching and researching, now’s the time to begin and put it all into practise.”

What are the angels urging you to do through this card? Click the video and find out.

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