believing in magic

True magic is abounding in my life!

Whenever this card comes out in a client reading, my stomach does a little flip of excitement as this is a magical card, in every sense.

However, quite often we can't see just how much magic is abounding in our lives. Quite often we are so focused on certain outcomes, more money, a better job, promotion, a new home, improved health, that our eyes become closed to the many miracles, both large and small, that are filling our lives every day; miracles that we should graciously express gratitude for.

When we look at all the objects that are popping out from the magician's hat in the picture, it's quite a random and eclectic array of objects ranging from dolphins to dotty swirls to even the planet, Saturn; things that you wouldn't necessarily think would pop out from the hat. I can't see the expected rabbit, can you?

And that's what's so special about this magician's hat. What you would most expect to appear isn't what appears. Your eyes need to be opened to see the other objects. Your mind needs to be open to receive more than you expect. In short, you're being invited to believe in magic so you can see the magic that is abounding in your life.

When this card comes up for clients, I always ask them what they see, what catches their eye first and foremost. And, to date, clients will generally mention 2, maybe 3 objects that pop out of the hat. Indeed, there may even be some objects that they would never see even if they spend more time looking at the picture.

The 2 or 3 objects that catch their eye when they first look at the card, are the objects that will bring the most significant message to them.

I wonder... what 2 or 3 objects caught your eye when you first looked at the card? What did you see coming out of the magician's hat?

To give an explanation and interpretation for each and every object springing from the magician's hat would take a very long time so I'm not going to focus on each object. Rather I invite you to think what each object would mean to you. For example, if the bird caught your eye, what do you think about when you think about birds? Do you think about them flying free? Do you think about them seeing things from a higher perspective? What do the objects mean to you? There's your message.

What I do want to focus briefly on, in the picture, is the black hat. If you look at the black hat you'll see that it dominates the picture and, yet, many people looking at this card don't actually 'see' it. They don't 'see' it because they're distracted by the array of objects popping out from it. So the hat disappears into insignificance. The same can be said for life. We're so focused on the bells and whistles, the final outcomes, that we often can't see what's staring us in the face, we often miss the biggest element in the picture, the element from which everything else is derived.

It can be difficult not to get distracted by everything around us, everything that's competing for our attention or, indeed, the small things we so often give great significance to, and simply focus on the bigger piece of the picture.

I feel that the hat in the picture represents our life. There is so much magic streaming from the hat, magic that has been contained inside. In the same way there is so much magic held within us. All too often we take our individual magic for granted because, generally, our true magic feels so natural and comes so easily to us. "If it's easy for me, it must be easy for everyone else". But that's not the case. Each of us is unique and special. Each of us is magic. What's natural and easy for us does not come naturally or easily to the next person. So it's time to focus on the black hat and appreciate the true magic that is abounding in our life.

The colour black can often get a bad rap as, more often than not, it's associated with funerals and death. In angel and oracle cards, we look at colours and symbols from a positive viewpoint. So black would be more associated with authority, sophistication, elegance, power. Great power, great authority enters your life when you see just how magical you truly are. Sophistication and elegance become natural when you honour your unique self and live your true magical life. If, however, we were to consider black as representing death, as we've already touched on that, well what does death signify? It's the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next, right? Perhaps, then, through this card and this message today, your eyes will be opened to just how magical and unique you are, and just how many magical miracles fill your life every day. And, in so doing, you can step forward and begin a new chapter of your life, celebrating your life, your uniqueness, your magic... and all the magic that is abounding in your life.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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