better interpret angel and oracle cards

Have you ever turned over a card, your mind goes blank, and you struggle to retrieve the message?

Does the guidance you receive when you’re reading and interpreting cards sometimes run out or dry up too quickly, making your reading a bit too short, sweet, and succinct?

Would you like your card readings, for yourself or others, to be more personal, more relatable, more memorable, more meaningful and to flow with greater ease?

When reading cards, would you like to feel confident, relaxed and calm, engaging your natural-born intuitive gifts?

If you said ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then this course is for you.

through this course you shall...

... understand how to ensure your intuition flows in a reading by having the right foundations in place.

... learn some dos and don’ts that will help your readings flow more smoothly and easily.

... acquire techniques and insights that will help you be proactive and eliminate any issues before they even arise in a reading.

... eliminate the pressure of choosing the right card spread for your client through building up a library of spreads that you can easily and confidently turn to as and when needed.

... discover how to take your readings from their current level to a higher and much deeper level through techniques and know-how that help you make the guidance you receive more personal, deeper, and more meaningful, memorable, and relatable.

... and do much more.

who is this course for?

This course is a beyond-beginners level course for anyone who already has an understanding of and experience in reading Angel and Oracle Cards.

This course is also for anyone who is seeking to take their readings to a much deeper level, readings which are personal, relevant, meaningful, and memorable.

In this course you will find guidance and advice, tips and hints on what you should do, and importantly why you should do it, so you better interpret your Angel and Oracle cards.

The lessons, guidance and practical exercises included in this course will give you the confidence you need to better interpret Angel and Oracle cards, will answer the many questions you may have buzzing round your head about interpreting cards, will invite your intuition step in to play its pivotal role, will prepare you to calmly navigate your way through challenges and struggles that may arise… and much more.

I was looking for a course that could help me to better read Oracle cards; more like a story rather than just from the guidebook. This course did that and much more! Viv is engaging and knowledgeable! The course ranged in topics and it all contributed to improving my readings! Thank you, Viv, for a great course!

e frank (5* review)

what else?

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real-life experience

A course created around personal experiences of a professional card reader, that you can learn from, that you can grow from.

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Practical exercises designed to enhance your confidence reading cards and invite your intuition to play its pivotal role.

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private FB group

You shall be invited to join a private FB group wherein you can meet like-minded souls and share your course exercises.

This course is designed and created around the question “how do I best interpret my cards?” In it you will find guidance and advice, tips and hints on what you should do, and importantly why you should do it, so you best interpret your cards. 

Are you ready to

  • let the messages of guidance flow unhindered and unrestricted through you?
  • receive messages through your cards that are more personal, more in-depth, more relatable, more memorable, more meaningful?
  • and feel confident, calm and relaxed when you turn over a card, inviting your natural-born gift of intuition to engage and provide the most wonderful guidance?

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self

Aldous Huxley

Hi, I'm vivmcg...

... and I'm an Angel Lightworker, Soul Purpose Guide, and Teacher.

I have been surrounded by angels and spirit all my life, even in the teenage years and later, when I turned my back on them because I was going through some real personal belief struggles.

Then, later in life, when I chose to open up to the angels, I was drawn to the medium of angel and oracle cards so I could connect with the angelic and spiritual realm clearly; a medium that immediately felt so natural, so instinctive, so effortless, so aligned that my readings and interpretations just flowed.

However, I also chose to train more formally too and have learned from some of the great names we associate today with angel and oracle cards: Kyle Gray, Denise Linn, Radleigh Valentine, Colette Baron-Reid, and more besides.

With my knowledge and experience both reading and teaching others how to read angel and oracle cards, I can guide and support you in your quest to better interpret angel and oracle cards.

Indeed, I have spent over a year creating this course just for you;

  • a year during which I stepped back and observed how I read angel and oracle cards for myself and for clients,
  • a year during which I collected personal experiences, both present and past, that you can learn from, that you can grow from
  • a year during which I have observed the card reading challenges of other students and how I have guided and supported them through those challenges.

Using my own knowledge, personal experience, and teachings, through this course you can and will better interpret angel and oracle cards.


This course is a beyond-beginners, an intermediate level course. In order for you to enjoy and benefit from this course you must have an understanding of and experience in reading Angel and Oracle cards, either for yourself or others.

No. In this course, I use a number of different card decks, not only my working deck. The exercises provided are based around the card ecks I use in the course with pictures provided where necessary. Shoudl you wish to re-create these exercises for extra practice for different decks, then by all means feel free to do so. The more practice you gain, the better you'll interpret Angel and Oracle cards.

Yes. The course platform I have chosen offers all its students lifetime access to the courses they purchase. This means that, should I remove this course from that platform, if you have bought it prior to its removal, you shall still have access to it.

Udemy is the course platform on which I have chosen to publish this course. As of Jan 2020, the platform has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages. It's a well-established and reliable course platform.

This is primarily a self-study course; you can complete it in your own time. However, after you enrol, you shall be invited to join a FB group where you can meet like-minded souls, share the course exercises, and join an optional monthly angel circle (additional supplement paid monthly). I am also available through messenger in Udemy, should you have questions about the course.

The course comprises 88 video lectures containing a total of (almost) 7 hours of content. Within the content, there are 29 downloadable resources including 3 meditations and 22 exercises.

better interpret angel & oracle cards

Receive messages through your cards that are more personal, more in-depth, more relatable, more memorable, more meaningful through inviting your natural-born gift of intuition to engage and provide the most wonderful guidance. In this course you shall receive:

  • 88 lectures
  • (almost) 7 hrs of video
  • 22 exercises
  • 3 downloadable meditations
  • 1 private FB group
  • lifetime access

All for the investment of $149.99.

However... if you click the button below, today, you can receive all this for only $12.99! (that's a whopping saving of $137!)

Intermediate instruction is so hard to find, so discovering this course with it's great instructor is so wonderful!

karen (5* review)