between worlds


This card is divided in two. However, I don't feel it's equally divided in two. When I look at this card, the grey side feels a little bit wider than the colourful side.

Let's look at the grey side first. The side that is full of clouds, that's grey. The flamingo is half in the grey, half in the colour. However, it feels like it's moving away from the grey, even though the grey side of the card feels that little bit wider.

What does grey say to you? The colour grey is neither black, it's neither white. It's kind of in between. It's almost like a comfort zone. It's the grey area, the unclear area. And it feels to me that, perhaps, this has been your comfort zone for a while. And now you've got one leg in your comfort zone and one leg in your new world. And the angels are encouraging you to keep progressing, move out of your comfort zone and into the new world.

On the grey side of the card there are very heavy clouds compared to the coloured side. Clouds, for me, are all about higher thinking. Thinking from also a different perspective, thinking higher, connecting in with the angels, connecting in with your intuition, connecting in with your higher self, and working things out. They're encouraging you to grow. They're encouraging you to get out of this comfort zone and step forward.

There may be times whenever you step back into your comfort zone and that's fine but you don't want to stay there forever. Because your comfort zone keeps you small, it keeps you safe. If we want to grow and expand and become better people, we want to step out of our comfort zone. We want the outside of our comfort zone to become our new comfort zone and then step further ahead again for that to become our new comfort zone, and then step further and further until our comfort zone is massive because we've really stretched ourselves and we've expanded and we've grown. That's what the angels want us to do.

However, we also have the flamingo here. Often we see a flamingo and he's standing on one leg. They are gracefully poised and balanced. This flamingo, however, has one leg in the comfort zone and one leg in the new world. Because flamingoes are about balance, from that perspective having one leg in each world is saying, find your balance between the two. Don't get stuck in your comfort zone all the time. Also, if you keep forging ahead and forging ahead, it can become exhausting as well. So, whilst the angels want you to keep working and moving forward and expanding and growing and become a better person, your comfort zone will always be part of you. It will always be pulling behind you because as you step forward your comfort zone gets bigger.

So it's okay to have one leg in your comfort zone as long as both of your legs aren't in the comfort zone. As long as you're not standing, poised beautifully, balancing on one leg and that one leg is firmly in the comfort zone. That's not what the angels are wanting for you.

If we refer to the flamingo again and we think of the flamingo's colours: the beautiful vibrant pink. This flamingo's plummage looks a bit red and that says to me, passion. The angels are encouraging you to step forward into the world that you're passionate about, that lights you up, that brings you fulfilment and enjoyment.

If we go back to the plummage of a flamingo. They get that lovely colour by eating a special kind of crustaceans. They don't start off, whenever they're first born, having lovely long legs and beautiful colourful flamboyant plummage, they're almost like a little ugly ducking. It takes years for them to develop this lovely unusual pink colour in their legs and in their feathers because of the crustaceans they eat. And what that says is, everybody has potential to change, to become beautiful and wonderful and to light up their soul. And the angels are saying that you have that potential. Once you leave the comfort zone, step out of the comfort zone and leave the grey area behind, you have the potential to be flamboyant, to be amazing. However, if a flamingo stops eating their crustaceans, they lose the pink colour, the colour in their plummage, in their skin, and in their legs. So that potential also needs to be nurtured.

If you want to remain, like the flamingo, beautiful and flamboyant with the most gorgeous colouring, enjoy your new world, be passionate about your new world and keep that passion running high so you can nourish your potential. You need to keep going, you need to encourage it.

The final thing about a flamingo is that they have very special shaped beaks/bills. And those bills will filter out all the muddy water and only allow them to eat the crustaceans that give them this beautiful colour. And quite often, therefore, flamingoes are associated with truth, where you filter out all the crap, all the lies, all the dishonesty and just keep your own truth. When you move forward and step out of your comfort zone, do so in a way that is honest for you. You're not here to answer to anybody else but yourself and your soul. You're not here to live your life according to anybody else's wishes, only your own. So be true and honest to yourself. That's the highest that you can be. No lies. Be honest to who you are, what your soul wants from you in this ifetime. And step into your world accordingly.

If we see, on the lighter side of the card, there's a lovely turquoise colour. Turquoise can mean communication. So while you're being honest with yourself, speak out loud. Be honest with those around you, be true to who you are, and communicate that this is where you want to be and this is where you want to go. And, yes, sometimes you will revert back into your comfort zone, and that's fine, but keep stepping forward, keep communicating with yourself, to yourself, and to others as well.

The very final thing I want to point out on this card are the little streamers on the light side of the card. It's like somebody has pulled one of those little poppers and these streamers have gone everywhere. It's like a celebration. The angels are celebrating whenever you spend more time in the beautiful bright world where you can follow your passion, follow your dreams, be honest to yourself and be honest to those around you. That's whenever the celebration happens. There's no celebration in the side of the comfort zone, there's no celebration in the grey area, where there's a lot of thinking going on, a lot of musings, a lot of considerations of how to move forward and how to expand, which is important. But on the bright side, it's when you've taken that step outside your comfort zone and you're being true to who you are and you're celebrating.

The crown on the flamingo's head - you have every divine right to live a life that you choose. You have the divine right to live a life that lights you up, that you are passionate about and that you are happy about. You don't have to stay in your comfort zone. The angels are encouraging you to step forward with and brightness, with passion, with grace, with balance.

So live your very best life. Enjoy your very best life.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Wisdom Of The Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia

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