What is blossoming in your life right now?

Obviously the main image in this card, besides the lady that we can see, is all the beautiful blossoms that are surrounding her.

Flowers and blossoms are all about expressing your emotions. We most often associate giving flowers with celebrating somebody's birthday, telling somebody you love them, wishing somebody to get well. So we use them in the form of a celebration. And this card is inviting you to celebrate, to express your happy emotions about what you have been working on that is now starting to blossom.

The flowers are pink. And pink, for me, is the colour of compassion. Things are starting to blossom, let them blossom. Let them blossom in their own time. Don't try to force the issue. You may have been working on whatever is starting to blossom, for quite some time. You may have invested a lot of energy. And, only now you're starting to see things blossom. However, take time to enjoy this phase. Don't try and rush it. Don't try to get things to suddenly move into maturity. Enjoy this phase where things are starting to open up and starting to blossom for you.

Show yourself a bit of love and compassion and a lot of self-care at the moment because you have put in a lot of hard work to get to this stage. You have planted the seeds. You have sown them, you have looked after them, you've tended them, you've watered them, you've given them sunlight. And now you are creating something beautiful as a result.

I love how the woman in the picture is wearing white. In particular, her collar is made from white lace. White is the colour of innocence and purity. But it's also the colour of Source energy which is reminding us again that everything happens according to divine timing.

The lace. The symbolism of purity, innocence, new beginnings. Whatever's blossoming in your life, is it bringing new beginnings for you? Is it something you've been waiting for for a long time and now it's happening? Just let it blossom. Let it stay pure. Let is stay whole. Let it stay innocent. Again, do not try to rush this phase.

Her hair is braided. If we look at the braids on her hair, they're really long. If you think how long it takes for hair to grow, it doesn't grow quickly. So I get the feeling that whatever is blossoming at the moment may have been a long time coming. Hence the reason why you're getting reminders not to be impatient, just let things flow as they are meant to flow. Everything happens in divine timing. So it does feel that it has taken a considerable amount of time to get everything into place so you can reach this beautiful phase of blossoming.

The other thing about her hair is that it's braided. Whenever you braid your hair, commonly it's taking three strands and making it into one thing that's a lot stronger. What does the three signify? Well, what do you feel it signifies? This is where your intuition comes in. Does it signify past, present, and future? Does it symbolise mind, body, and soul? Whatever you feel the three symbolises, they're coming together and they're becoming so much stronger.

This card is all about this phase in your life, the blossoming that's happening in your life. Perhaps it's something that's coming into fruition or perhaps the blossoming is in regards to something new that's happening, that you have been waiting for for a considerable amount of time. Don't let any stress play out on your face. Enjoy, but take seriously, what is happening. Be really focused on what is happening around you but don't try to force it, don't try to push it, don't become impatient over it. Everything is happening according to divine timing. So enjoy this phase.

You have worked hard in bringing whatever it is to this stage. You have looked after these beautiful seeds that you've sown in order for them to blossom and grow into flowers. You are being invited by the angels today to enjoy this phase, to open your heart and receive whatever is blossoming in your life. Go into your feminine energy more than your masculine, and open your heart to receive. Because you have been doing so much work up until now and things are starting to fall into place. Just don't push it, don't be impatient - it's happening in the right time. Enjoy this phase like you would any other because you have earned this. It's a gentle, it's a feminine, it's a beautiful phase to see all the hard work you've put in start to blossom around you.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Queen Of The Five Elements Oracle Deck by Rhiannon Griffiths

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