breaking barriers

i am expanding beyond limitations into joy and freedom


What I want to first talk about on this card are the little green shoots.

Green, for me, is the colour of healing. And all around this little green healthy-looking shoot, are all these thorns and this bramble and these barriers. But amidst all these barriers, this little green shoot is pushing through and is growing, and is becoming and looking really healthy. It feels like it has such strength behind it.

It says to me, are you experiencing barriers in your life? Either physical barriers, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, or energetic barriers. Or, maybe, people are voicing their opinions too much on you, and creating barriers in your life? The angels are wanting us to give our attention to this little green shoot. That in the most adverse conditions, surrounded by brambles, that you too can shine, and that you too can grow.

Look at the yellow light, the yellow sunlight. Yellow is the colour of positivity, self-belief, and optimism; the sunlight is about illuminating. When you have the right conditions, when you believe in yourself, when you feel positive and when you feel optimistic; when the sun is shining and illuminating you and illuminating your brilliance and your uniqueness in this world, there's nothing that can stand in your way. Don't let these barriers appear stronger than they are. Don't let these barriers try to wrap around you and choke you. That's not what the angels want for you.

They are showing you that, with their light on you, with your belief, with you showing your own authentic self, you can break through any barriers. Nothing can or should ever hold you back.

What's beautiful about this card is not just the sunlight that's shining down and illuminating this little green sprout of leaves, that is starting to take life and starting to flourish and starting to grow, just like you can when you shine the light on you or have the light shone on you, but the colour purple on either side of the light is beautiful.

Purple, for me, is all about connecting with the angelic realm and the angels and the spiritual realm.

And whilst the light is really important to illuminate you, to get you to grow, to get you to thrive, always surround yourself with angels. Every day connect in with the angels in your daily life. Just like every day you get up and you shower, you dress and get ready for the day, make connecting in with the angels and the spiritual realm part of your everyday routine. And when you do, that light will shine even stonger and brighter on you, and you will begin to grow. And you will break through any barriers that are standing in your way, that are trying to prevent you from being your true authentic self.

Believe in yourself. Have such belief in yourself.

Be positive. Be optimistic.

You're here for so much more than what you may have first thought.

Believe that you are much more and that you are growing and that you are transforming. It's a healthy growth. Green is the colour of health. It's a healthy part of you that is being illuminated and is shining and is growing and transforming.

So keep going.

Yes, those barriers may remain around you. Yes, people may step in and almost try and choke you to keep you quiet. But don't let them. Why should you let them? You're you. You're unique. You're amazing. Stand your ground.

Grow in the place where people think you cannot grow. Shine your light to illuminate a place that maybe is that little more dark whenever you're not there. And keep transforming and keep growing. Because that's what the angels want for you.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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