burnt by the sun

ambition, extension, reach


We are talking about vampires here. And we all know that vampires cannot go out in the sun. If they do so, they can get burnt.

But what is this card telling us? What positive information can we gain from this card? Because. remember, we want to gain a positive message from this card because we are working with our angels and guides. And our angels and guides are here to encourage us to step forward. So, although there're parts of this card that came across as quite negative, for me, I want to take those negaitves so we can turn them around to become positives so the angels are doing their job in encouraging us to step forward.

There are a few things that stood out for me on this card and I will go through them as I feel I need to go through them.

The very first thing that stood out for me was the vampire's face. Look at her expression. It's saying to me, regret. Going by the title of the card, "burnt by the sun", I feel that she has been a little bit too ambitious. If you look, there's burgundy on the seat that she's sitting on as well as the seat beside her. Burgundy can often signify ambition and intensity and individuality.

And it feels to me that she has been a little bit too ambitious, maybe doing things her own way, her individuality coming through which is usually a positive thing but maybe in this case it's not. And as a result, she's reached far too far, far too fast, far too high and has got burnt by the sun. So she's beginning to, possibly, regret that. But that's not a bad thing because challenges in our life and things that seem to go wrong, we can turn them around and learn something from them and gain lessons from them. Sometimes whenever things go wrong in your life, if you look at them from the right perspective, you can actually learn more from something that has gone wrong where you have been slightly burnt by the sun than something that has gone really smoothly and really easily. Because you don't usually learn a lot of lessons from things  that go so smoothly.

I also noticed her gown. And the colour of her gown was coming through as a royal blue and I was thinking, what is royal blue? The very name, itself, suggests some kind of nobility. And as I as thinking about royal blue, the word that came into my mind was like pomposity, like superiority. And it feels very much, linking back to getting burtn by the sun, that she felt she needed to do something, she felt she could do it on her own, she felt that it was her choice to do what she chose to do and she was, maybe, a little bit pompous about it all, a little bit superior.

Possibly there has been something in your life where you have got recently burnt. And you had family members and friends suggesting that you approach this in a different manner and you were like, "No, I know how best to do this. I'm not listening to anybody else's advice. I know what I need to do and I'm gonna do it!" But did you do that while listening to your heart or did your ego, perhaps, step into play a little bit? Were you feeling a little bit superior as in, "I know better than everybody else"? And, as a result, you may have got slightly burnt by the sun and you're feeling a little bit regretful.

But I also notice on the gown, it's not very clear, but I feel it's expected not to be clear. It's the pattern on the gown. And the pattern, for me, is a lovely brown colour. But it's not very clear. Brown, for me, is the colour of being natural. It's the colour of the earth, the colour of the soil and it reminds me, "go back to your natural self, go back to what feels most natural to you". And I feel that the whole idea of the royal blue and the pomposity and the ceremony and the superiority of things has, perhaps, taken you down the wrong path and has lef you away from how you actually would have acted if you had listened to your heart and, also, considered - not exactly done what other people had said, but taken their advice onboard and considered it at least rather than kind of pushing it aside.

I want that pattern to become stronger in this dress. And because I want this pattern to become stronger, it's saying to me that I want to get back to who I am, I want to get back my natural self because I feel I have acted against my natural grain and, therefore, the royal blue has been the stronger colour where I would much prefer the natural brown to be the stronger colour.

The card is telling me as well that, if you have acted and got a little bit burnt by the sun, it's a reminder for you to listen to your heart and act according to how things feel natural for you.

The other thing I see on the card is the presence of a wolf. And see how she's touching the wolf? The wolf is very serene. He's just sleeping. And that's saying to me that the wolf knows that everything's going to sort itself out. Wolves are a pack animal and they also rely very strongly on their instincts. That's bringing two messages to me.

It's saying, you'll be fine when you listen to your instincts, whenever you go back into your heart and do what's natural for you, you'll be fine. Don't sweat the small stuff. You'll be okay.

And then the other thing about the wolf being a pack animal. Whenever a baby olf is born, the whole pack looks after that cub. It's almost like the whole 'village' comes together. And that's saying to me, you're not alone. That's a really strong message: you're not alone. Yes, you may have pushed aside any advice and guidance people had offered you because you felt you knew better, your ego and your head have slightly got in the way in this situation and, therefore, you got burnt by the sun. But don't worry about it. Just because you didn't take their advice, doesn't mean to say they've walked out of your life. They are still there for you, to support you and to hold you up and cheer you on. You are not alone.

It's reminding us that no matter what happens in our life, whether our life is running smoothly at the moment or whether there's quite a few bumps in the road and you're getting a little bit burnt by the sun, it's reminding us that we are not alone. Not just that we have the support of family and friends, but we also have the support of loved ones who've crossed over, our spirit team, guardian angels, archangels, whomever we may need to call upon. We don't have to act alone.

And they have an almost quiet confidence that, maybe you have been a little over-ambitious, maybe you have reached a little too far and have therefore got burnt by the sun, but they are confident that you will have learned a huge lesson from this. And as a result, when you go back into your heart centre, you'll view things from a place in your heart rather than in your head, and you'll act more naturally to who you are, you'll follow your instincts. They have confidence that you're going to get this right, that everything is going to sort itself out.

Although this card feels a little bit dark and negative at times because it is suggesting that you have, maybe, done something that has gone against the grain, not in your true nature, and as a result, you've perhaps been over-ambitious, your ego may have come too much into play (and we all have an ego) and as a result, you've done something and you've got a little bit burnt. And they're saying, don't regret that you got burnt, turn it around and find the lesson that can be learned. And then we find that other side of the message is incredibly positive and uplifting: move into your heart centre, move back to who you are, work from your heart not your head, do what feels instinctive to you and natural for you, and listen, possibly, to the guidance of friends and family and the angels and your spirit team, and then do what feels most right, not from a mind point of view but from a heart point of view. And you'll get it right. We've got confidence in you.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Les Vampires Oracle Deck by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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