the importance of storytelling

“We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.”

Jonathan Gottschall, literary scholar

Storytelling is critical when we wish to create and strengthen social connections because storytelling is something that all humans do. It's part of our DNA. When you do not or can not incorporate the art of storytelling into angel and oracle card readings, you're missing the priceless opportunity of creating a connection with whomever you're reading for. And, likewise, they shall struggle to fully connect with you and what you are sharing with them.

To give you an idea of just how important the art of storytelling is when reading angel and oracle cards, let's dive into a few of the important aspects of storytelling in general.


Creating a Connection

When we speak we tell a story. Think about it. Even when someone asks you, "how was your day?", you'll reply be describing the story of your day. How much detail you go into, how interesting you make your reply will all depend on how well you deliver the art of storytelling.

Now think about one of the best stories you've ever heard. What one immediately springs to your mind? Why does that one spring to your mind? What made that one story so memorable? The answer tends to be 'emotion'. When a story is shared with emotion, no matter what that emotion may be, it sucks you in, you find yourself becoming part of that story, watching it play out in your mind's eye perhaps. And when you feel drawn into a story, you gain a sense of belonging, you begin to relate to the story, you create a bond with both the story and the storyteller.

When it comes to interpreting angel and oracle cards, if you connect the dots and pass on the message that is flat and disjointed, where you interpret one symbol followed by another symbol, you can't expect the person you're reading for to walk away feeling inspired to take action, remembering what you said, or connecting with the interpretation.

When, however, you pass on a message with emotion, feeling, and (where relevant) sharing a little from your own life experience to help with that connection, the person you're reading for will leave with a more positive feeling and a greater desire to take action and move their life forward. Remember the goal of interpreting angel and oracle cards. It's not just about passing on a message from the Universe and angels, it's about supporting the person you're redaing for to move into a place where they feel motivated and inspired to act on the guidance they have received, to use it to take their life forward.


Creating Something Memorable

When the person you're reading for leaves the reading and moves back into thier lives, do you want them to remember what you've shared with them so they feel inspired to take action to improve their life or do you want them to leave and immediately forget what you've shared? You want the former, right? For someone to remember what was shared in a reading, that reading has to be memorable.

Now it's true that we can never recall everything we hear for the first time, that repetition is important. However, you can vastly increase the amount someone remembers from a reading when you make that reading memorable.

So how do you make a reading memorable? You probably already know the answer to that - through storytelling.

If you deliver a reading with emotion, with connections between colours, symbols, even life experiences, a reading that is fluid and cohesive, that shall become a memorable reading. In contrast, a reading where you draw out symbols and/or colours that catch your eye and interpret them one by one individually with no connectivity between them, where you're simply explaining the facts, the person you're reading for will neverbe able to retain everything. Indeed, they'll only retain very little.

Applying the art of storytelling into your card readings, means incorporating structure, context, meaning, enabling the person you're reading for to better connect, understand, relate and, therefore, remember what you share.


Inspiring Action

Short and simple, stories inspire action. Whilst it's important for a reading to be memorable, the best outcome is that it encourages and inspires the person receiving the reading to take action afterwards, rather than simply return to life as it was before the reading.

As card readers, inspiring people to take action to change their lives, that's our ultimate goal.

We shouldn't just want people to come to us for guidance only, we should want them to come because they're eager to change their lives for the better. And whilst we would all love our clients to come for regular card readers which keep their lives on track, mostly people come when something has gone wrong in their life. If the guidance we then share in a reading isn't inspiring enough for them to take action on, then we really have failed them.

Whilst we cannot control the choices a person makes after a reading, whether they take action or return to life as they knew it, when we provide a reading that is encouraging and inspirational, there will be a higher likelihood that they will take action as a result of that reading.

Why do you read angel and oracle cards, either for yourself or others?

Is it to gain insight and guidance so you can move forward and make changes in your life for your highest good, or is it to receive guidance in that moment, only for it to be forgotten the second the reading ends?

Hopefully it's the former. And if that's the case you cannot avoid incorporating the art of storytelling into your readings.

If you wish to learn and practice the art of storytelling in card readings then I invite you to join the next Card Café...

I truly hope to meet you in the next session of the Card Café.

Viv xx