who gets you?

"It is an inescapable truth that deep within us all is a need to find others who are like ourselves" ~ Lucy Cavendish, "Into the Lonely Woods"

Lucy Cavendish, creator of numerous and varied oracle card decks. To me she's the oracle card deck creator who rarely stays fixed for too long, always keen and eager to create a different style of deck, to work with a different artist. And that's why I lean towards and enjoy her decks. Some are fun, some are a bit heavier, however there aren't too many that are similar to each. And to that degree, I feel she is unique... an uniqueness that I'm finding other creators are leaning more towards, though none, I feel, have yet mastered it quite as well as Lucy.

I recently purchased her "Into the Lonely Woods" deck and something within drew me to read the introduction of the guidebook.

Usually I choose not to lean on or, indeed, even read the guidebook as I prefer to receive my own personal intuitive messages and understandings of the cards, uninfluenced by the deck creator's perception. And, indeed, that's what I teach you, my students. However, this deck inspired my curiosity and I was keen to read what Lucy had to say about it.

And true to form, she had quite some nuggets to share, quite some insights that I deeply resonated with. Although I've never read any of the other guidebooks that have accompanied the decks I have bought from Lucy, I suspect that this is the very reason I resonate with and enjoy her decks. Our thinking, our energy seem to be on a similar wavelength.

The title of this deck, "Into the Lonely Woods" can initially give the wrong idea of the concept behind the deck because all too often the word 'lonely' attracts more negative than positive connotations. However, this deck is far from negative. It is insightful, it is gentle, it is supportive as it shines a light on aloneness which Lucy so insightfully describes as "all-one-ness".

Lucy states that she has rarely felt lonely when she has been alone. Rather, she has experienced the negativity of loneliness when she has found herself among people who don't see her, don't hear her, don't feel her, don't get her. And I whole-heartedly resonate with this.

When you choose to walk a spiritual path, it is often a path that is walked alone because those near and dear to you don't always get you. And you, in return, don't always feel a kinship towards those who are 'family' through blood. And so, you often find yourself walking your path alone, walking a lonely path; not necessarily a bad thing as time on our own helps us understand and discover our true selves.

However, at the same time, there is also the deep desire that resides in each and every one of us, of connection. To be amongst those who get us, who are walking a similar path, who are forging their personal and spiritual way.

When you discover that your blood family is not the family you connect deeply with (and many, like me, walking our spiritual path have discovered that), the desire to find and connect with your soul family is strong. Because, whilst solitude is special, whilst we can truly learn about our true selves in alone-time and in time away from those who don't get us, there's nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than finding and spending time with those who do get us - our soul family.

Personally, I've been fortunate in that I have a couple of people in my life walking a similar path, fellow souls who get me, souls who are tuned into my frequency, who hear and feel the music of spirit like I do. However, unfortunately, I can count such close conpanions on one hand. To be part of a community of like-minded, soul seekers like myself... that's truly a gift.

And that's something I'm offering you through the Card Café. On the surface the Card Café is a place to come to hone your oracle card-reading gifts further, to practice and share interpretations with fellow students. However, scrape the surface layer away and you uncover something truly special - a community, a group of people who get you because they're walking a very similar path.

The world is changing. Our eyes are being opened to a more spiritual existence and way of living. However, not everyone is onboard yet, not everyone is ready to embrace this new and exciting world. When you are walking your spiritual path alone, it can be challenging to stay the course, to focus on the light ahead, to feel fulfilled. Because like all paths, there will be obstacles and challenges along the way. And navigating them alone is more difficult than navigating them with others.

Are you ready to belong? Are you ready to discover your soul family? Are you ready to be part of a community of people like you, who get you?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of my questions above, then you're ready to connect with this special community.

If you've resonated with anything I've said above, then you're ready to meet your soul family.

Yes, we'll read and interpret oracle cards. However, now you know, the Card Café is so much more beneath the surface.

I truly hope to meet you in the next session of the Card Café.

Viv xx