oracle card reading ~ better aligned with divine timing

Hello lovely soul!

What advice and guidance do the angels and all positive energies who wish to support and guide us, have for you to help you be better aligned with Divine timing?

You'll only find out when you download the reading.

This 1-card in-depth card reading focuses on what you need to know to be better aligned with Divine timing and is the perfect reading if you struggle with the concept of Divine timing or struggle to patiently accept that Divine timing may be different to your human idea of timing.

Divine timing is the concept that everything in your life, from the mundane and ordinary to the exciting and unexpected, occurs exactly when it's meant to be.

It challenges the human belief that we are in control of our lives. Rather it alludes to the idea that absolute control, by us, is impossible. Despite our very best efforts, something will always turn out differently, following the flow it was meant to follow, not the one we designed for it.

When we embrace this concept, it can and does greatly (and positively) impact our lives.

So how do you become better aligned with divine timing? There's only one way to find out.

The message shared with us by the angels and our spirit team through this card reading is given through the Celtic Goddess Oracle deck created by Gillian Kemp and illustrated by Julia Cellini.

The video duration lasts 24 minutes.

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