oracle card reading ~ tune into my inner wisdom

Hello lovely soul!

What advice and guidance do the angels and all positive energies who wish to support and guide us, have for you to help you tune into your inner wisdom?

You'll only find out when you download the reading.

This 1-card in-depth card reading focuses on advice and guidance on how to tune into your inner wisdom and is the perfect reading for when you've realised the best insights come from within, however you're not sure how to tap into that inner wisdom and guidance.

We are all part of the Universe which means, energetically, we're connected to the All-Knowing, the All-That-Is, Infinite Knowledge. However, rather than tuning into that wisdom which lies within us, more often than not, when we're seeking advice and direction we turn to anyone and, often, everyone around us.

Why is that?

A lot of it boils down to limiting beliefs we have created about ourselves based on childhood experience where we didn't know every answer, where we didn't know all the solutions, where we depended on those around us to keep us safe and lead us.

However, those beliefs are now outdated. Within you lies the answer to every question. The big question is: "How do you tune into that inner wisdom?" There's only one way to find out.

The message shared with us by the angels and our spirit team through this card reading is given through the Sacred Traveler Oracle deck created by Denise Linn and illustrated by Jesse Reisch.

The video duration lasts 14 minutes.

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