oracle card reading ~ eradicate negative addictions

Hello lovely soul!

What advice and guidance do the angels and all positive energies who wish to support and guide us, have for you to help you eradicate negative addictions?

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This 1-card in-depth card reading focuses on the question, "what do I need to know to eradicate negative addictions?", and is the perfect reading for anyone who is struggling with a negative addiction such as smoking or drugs, or a healthy habit, such a work, food, or sport, that has, in some way, turned into a negative addiction.

An addiction is a condition where a person is unable to stop using a substance or engaging in a behaviour. It's when you rely on something for comfort, to calm your nerves, to make you feel more in control (whether that's the reality or not), to support you through challenging times.

If we're completely honest with ourselves, most of us will have at least one addiction. It doesn't have to be an addiction to smoking, hard drugs, alcohol, or gambling, the things we usually think about when we hear the word "addiction". It can be addiction to things that are seemingly healthy or, at least, shouldn't be harmful such as food, work, painkillers, social media, sport.

At some point, all addictions become negative. There is no such thing as a positive addiction, even though the behaviour (or thing) may have started off positively or may be linked to positivity and, indeed, health. By its very definition, addiction is unhealthy.

So, once you've uncovered your addiction(s), how can you eradicate and remove them from your life so your life is happier and more fulfilling? The angels, the Universe and our spirit team have lots of helpful guidance to help you eradicate negative addictions.

The message shared with us by the angels and our spirit team through this card reading is given through the Oracle of Mystical Moments Deck by Catrin Welz-Stein.

The video duration lasts 18 minutes.

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