oracle card reading ~ bring positive energy into my relationships

Hello lovely soul!

What advice and guidance do the angels and all positive energies who wish to support and guide us, have for you to help you bring positive energy into your relationships?

You'll only find out when you download the reading.

This 1-card in-depth card reading focuses on what you need to know to bring positive energy into your relationships and is the perfect reading if you aren't feeling as happy and content in your relationships as you know you should or could.

If you're finding yourself experiencing emotional withdrawal, escalating conflict, boredom, hurt feelings, not feeling heard or anything similar, within any relationship, romantic or platonic, then it may be time to inject some positivity into it for the benefit of all parties.

Being in a relationship filled with positive energy doesn't mean suddenly everything's a bed of roses. However, it does mean that all parties are better equipped to deal with any negativity or conflict that may arise.

So how do you bring more positive energy into your relationships? There's only one way to find out.

The message shared with us by the angels and our spirit team through this card reading is given through the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck created by Tori Hartman and illustrated by Gretchen Raisch-Baskin.

The video duration lasts 15 minutes.

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