oracle card reading ~ things stopping you moving forward

Hello lovely soul!

What advice and guidance do the angels and all positive energies who wish to support and guide us, have for you to help understand what is stopping you moving forward?

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This 1-card in-depth card reading focuses on the question, "what do I need to know about what is stopping me from moving forward?", and is the perfect reading for anyone who is feeling stuck yet does not know or cannot see what it is that may be holding them back.

Before we can examine what may be stopping us moving forward, it's vital to consider the importance of moving forward in life. Otherwise how and why would we muster up the motivation to not give up, to keep moving forward?

It's vital for our growth, development, learning, understanding to keep moving forward in life. In contrast, when we choose not to move forward, we and our energy can become stagnant and the opportunities we get to experience that encourage our growth and greater insights, dry up.

Constantly moving forward enables us to make mistakes from which to learn, to overcome obstacles and challenges which make us stronger, and to embrace new and exciting experiences which fuel us and encourage us to continue moving forward.

Whilst we now can appreciate the importance of moving forward in life, that still leaves us to understand and gain insight into what may be stopping us from moving forward. And that's what we are considering in this angel message and card interpretation.

The message shared with us by the angels and our spirit team through this card reading is given through the Journey of a Lonely Soul Oracle by Charles Harrington, artwork by Anna Majboroda.

The video duration lasts 16 minutes.

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