change & transition, and signs from heaven

The angels have asked that you consider two cards for this guidance. First I shall interpret them individually and then I shall bring their two messages together as one.

"Change & Transition" is the first card the angels have invited me to interpret today. Here we are invited to thank Archangel Azrael for "leading me safely through this change".

Archangel Azrael, whose name means "He who helps God", is the angel who guides us through the process of change and transition with his pheonix-like energy. He invites us to rise like a pheonix from the ashes, ovecome our challenges, and live in the energy of positivity and stength.

AA Azrael is depicted as a strong angel, but at the same time he is loving and supportive and wishes that we call on him for support and guidance when we're facing the confusion and fear that can often accompany change.

Behind him is a positive red hue; red being the colour of passion. So not only does it bring a warmth 'approachable' hue to AA Azrael but it also shows his passion for change and his passion for supporting us through change.

Every day we should be changing, because every day we should be learning and growing. Most change happens naturally but sometimes change can be challenging and it's at these times that we may need support.

The angel message suggests that you may be going through change right now that is difficult or challenging. Perhaps you feel you are being invited to change the way you behave, the way you think, the way you speak... things that you feel you have done the same throughout your life, things that feel natural and instinctual but which, when you look closer at them, do not fit with the person you are today. These can be some of the most challenging of changes but the angels are assuring you that the changes you feel pulled to make are for your highest good, and for the highest good of those around you. Don't fight the changes, rather relax into them in the knowledge that the angels are supporting you and guiding you. They've got your back. Don't be afraid what the changes will bring, have faith and trust that new and exciting doors are opening for you so let go and invite the opportunities and changes into your life.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Prayers Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Jason Mccreadie

The second card for this week is Signs from Heaven: "Thank you Heaven for sending me reminders of your presence"

On this card a woman (you) is in a deep and relaxed sleep with feathers floating down from heaven.

Feathers have always been considered a special sign from the angels (and loved ones who have crossed over), reminding us that they are always with us and encouraging us to move forward. When you see a feather, just say thank you to the angels and loved ones for their support and guidance.

The woman is surrounded by a turquoise-green colour through her pillow and bedsheet. Turquoise is the colour of communication while green represents healing. The angels and your loved ones are communicating with you and confirming their healing of you through the many varied signs they are sending you.

Angels and our guides in the spirit world love to send us signs to reassure us that they are always with us. So keep your eyes and heart open to seeing and receiving those signs. But don't depend solely on receiving these signs. The angels and our loved ones want us to have faith and gain comfort that they are supporting us, whether we receive their signs or not.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Prayers Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Jason Mccreadie

Let's end by combining the meanings of these cards...

Archangel Azrael is here to help, guide and support you through the changes you are currently facing in your life. He is encouraging you to embrace these changes and trust that they are for your higher good and opening new doors of opportunity for you.

While you are going through changes, take comfort in the knowledge that the angels and your spirit guides are supporting you. Through signs, they want to let you know that they're with you, guiding and supporting you.

If you're in doubt of any change that you feel you are being asked to make, if you're unsure if it's for your highest good, then reach out to AA Azrael for support, and to the angels and loved ones that are around you and ask for a sign. Then listen to your heart and intuition as it is through here that you are most guided. Whilst it is comforting and reassuring to receive a physical sign when you are confused and have asked for guidance, do not solely rely on that as your eyes may not always be open to see the signs that are being sent to you. Rather trust, fully, that what your heart and intuition is guiding you towards is being blessed by the angels and your loved ones in heaven.

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