clear yourself

ask the angels to release any toxic energies that you may have absorbed


If you are a sensitive person, if you are an empath, you'll probably already know that you are affected by energy. If you walk into a room, you can sense an atmosphere in the room, whether it's positive or whether it's negative. Maybe there's been an argument and you literally feel you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Whenever you're in a group of people, you may get home afterwards and feel exhausted because you've been taking on all their energy.

The angels are here to remind us that it's really important to clear yourself. And I'm going to take it a bit further and suggest that you actually protect yourself, so that whenever you do clear yourself, it's not so difficult, there's not so much work involved.

Let's look at the picture on the card.

The angel on the card is wearing a type of semi-transparent poncho. You can see her body behind the poncho, a lovely dark blue dress - dark blue for me is the colour of strength. But because this poncho is hanging over her, her strength isn't getting to come to the fore.

The main colour of the poncho is burgundy. And burgundy has a lot of meanings for me. However, for this card, I feel that the meaning behind the colour burgundy is about intensity. That whenever you take on emotions, energies and vibrations that aren't your own, they cover your own vibration with a real intensity. Which means that they're not letting you shine your light.

If you look at her arms. She's raising her arms but she can't seem to get her arms fully up. It's as if there's a weight weighing down on her shoulders. Again, when you carry the energy of others, it'll feel heavy to you, it'll feel like a burden to you.

Look at the fringe of the cape. The fringe is a mix of dark blue and burgundy. It's as if her strength is trying to shine through but the burgundy's stopping it. And, so, her strength is only coming through in little ripples.

Look behind the angel. What do you see? Is it the moon or is it the sun? It looks like a moon but, if you look, there are rays of blue coming from it. So, it could also be the sun. This says to me that it could have a double-meaning.

If it's the moon, it's saying, this won't last forever. Ask the angels to release any toxic energy that you have taken on, that you have absorbed. And it's saying, ask the angels to step forward and cleanse your energy. This heavy energy will only stay with you for a short time. It will be removed whenever you ask the angels to do so. And that's where the moon comes in. Because the moon is all about cycles - nothing stays forever, things are always evolving. But it's also reminding us that because things are always evolving and always going in a cycle, that you can have your energy cleansed but, if you don't protect yourself, you can take on more energy and you need to cleanse it again. And it happens again, you go out, you take on more energy and you have to cleanse yourself again.

So the angels are reminding you that cleansing is part of your daily routine, part of your cycle.

If this is the sun, it's an invitation to shine your light. And as you can see on the angel, because she's covered in other people's toxic energy and negative energy, she's not being able to shine her light. It's an invitation, again, to ask the angels to help you to shine your light by removing any energy that may have stuck to you, that you may have absorbed that isn't benefitting you.

The rays radiating out from either the moon or the sun, are dark blue rays. Again, dark blue is about strength. And if we think of the rays of the sun, it's saying, shine your light. However, as the colour is dark blue, the angels are saying, when you cleanse yourself, when you cleanse your energy, when you remove any energy that you don't need that has been pulling you under or making you feel as if you're carrying around a burden, once you cleanse that you can start to shine and your strength will start to come through and who you are, the unique being that you are, will start to shine through.

The angels are saying through this card that it's really important to clear yourself regularly. I would say, as I said at the start, that it's also important to also protect your energy. When you know you're going out, when you're going to be amongst other people, protect your energy by visualising yourself in a beautiful bubble of light. It doesn't mean to say you are fully protected. Sometimes some energy can seep through your bubble so it's still important that you regularly clear yourself, that you cleanse your energy, that you do an aura sweep, that you ask Archangel Michael to come in and cut cords and cleanse your energy, that you invite other angels to step forward to cleanse your energy, renew your energy, and heal you.

It's really important that you keep that high vibe. If you want to walk a spiritual path, you want to keep your vibe high so you can better connect in with the angelic and spiritual realm. If your vibration is really low, it's going to be more challenging for you to connect in. The information, messages and guidance that you are receiving from the realms may be a lot more muddy, it won't be so clear. So it's really important that you clear yourself and cleanse your energy so you can raise your vibration and you can better connect with the angelic and spiritual realm.

Then you'll have better guidance, you'll be able to read their messages, you'll receive their messages much more clearly. At the same time, you're shining your light, you showing off your own strengths, the unique person that you are, and people will start to become attracted to you as a result. At the moment, if you're not cleansing your energy and your energy's a bit mucky, a bit muddy, people aren't going to be as attracted to you as they should be and could be. Because you'll be giving off mixed emotions, mixed energy, and that can be confusing to people on a subconscious level.

So cleanse your energy, keep your energy clean, just like how you would keep your house clean. Get rid of all the dust and bugs and just start looking after your energy and you will notice a huge difference in your life as a result.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Therapy Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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