colour breathing with pink

In this exercise I invite you to breathe with the colour pink.

Pink – the fusion of red and white, the colour that attracts red’s passion and energy, and combines it with white’s purity, innocence and tranquillity creating a softer, more caring colour which is more closely related to romance and love of the unconditional kind. When it comes to love, pink places no judgement, no expectations, no conditions, and expects nothing in return. It is an all-encompassing love offered to everyone. Indeed, you could say that pink represents all that’s good in the world as it leads with not just passion but also combines kindness, understanding, and empathy.

When you look for words to describe the colour pink, words such as frivolity, friendliness, youthful, rejuvenating, self-compassion, kindness, gentleness may spring to mind.

the impact of pink

Pink has a calming, gentle impact on us and our emotions. Being a compassionate, kind, caring, nurturing, and affectionate colour it is a particularly good colour to breathe with if you're feeling caught in a difficult relationship and seek clarity, struggling with insomnia, experiencing feelings of anger or aggression, or feeling overly sensitive… among other things.

before you begin

  1. Thanks to pink's compassion, gentleness and abilty to induce sleep, this is a great breathing exercise to follow before you turn off the lights at night. It may be especially helpful if you struggle with insomnia.
  2. Although this exercise doesn’t take long, ensure that you won’t be disturbed by anything (people, pets, phones ringing, computer beeping) during the exercise.

Please note: this meditation is included in my online course, "Understanding and Interpreting Colours Part1", details of which can be found here.

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Music courtesy of Moby    Duration: 11 mins