communicate clearly

Has there been a miscommunication that creating a challenging situation?

Let's make no bones about it, this card's message comes across loud and clear: communicate clearly.

And it raises the question: have you been communicating clearly?

Often when we speak to someone we leave out some of the details because we assume they'll know what we're talking about, they don't need to hear the whole story or the whole description, they can get the gist of it with just the basics, right?

I remember someone explaining their meaning of the word "assume" to me, a long time ago. They told me that to 'assume' is to make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'... quite literally. And doesn't that make perfect sense?

When we assume someone knows the whole story, when we assume we don't need to fill in the blanks, when we assume they'll get the gist of what we're talking about, more often that not something gets misunderstood or 'lost in translation' along the way, right?

The presence of this card today is saying that the current situation (and you'll know what that situation is) requires very precise, very clear, very careful communication so all parties understand what they need to do, what is required of them, how to partake in the situation for the best for everyone.

When you want to communicate clearly, it's usually best to communicate in-person. That way the person not only hears what you're saying but they can also see your facial expression and watch your body language.

However, it's not always possible to meet someone in person, sometimes we may have to call them by phone, write them an email, even video-call with them. This means that they cannot always see your facial expression, hear the tone of your voice, or pick up on your body language, leaving your communication more open to misunderstanding. So it's even more important to make sure your communication is thorough and not open to misinterpretation right now in the current situation.

And should any misunderstandings arise, it's super important that you clear them up so you can heal the situation that you find yourself in and everyone involved can move forward again.

The picture in the card is full of colour as if a rainbow has exploded all over it. Indeed there are rainbows present on the bodies' of the dolphins in the card.

Rainbows are all about positive change and expansive blessings. What this says to me is that when you correct any misunderstandings in relation to the current situation, when all communication becomes crystal clear for all to understand, expect the situation to change, positively, as everyone is in the picture, so to speak. And with positive change comes expansive blessings - the outcome you desire, so long as it is for the highest good of all involved, will be achieved.

On either side of a large ball, are two dolphins. The presence of the ball reminds me of the playful characteristic that is within dolphins. This implies that, although your focus on clear communication should be a serious focus, don't forget to lighten things up. When everything feels a bit too heavy and becomes a bit too serious, you may struggle to bring people back on board. So find a balance between the seriousness and the need for some lightness so everyone can breathe.

Dolphins represent intelligence. The angels are saying to you "you are smart, you are intelligent, you can bring this situation under control through your clear, precise, and careful communication."

Dolphins also symbolise peacefulness and teamwork. If you watch dolphins in their natural habitat, you see that there seems to be no conflict with other sea creatures. Indeed dolphins can be seen as a diplomat who builds cooperative bridges. In the current situation, where misunderstandings may have arisen, take the lead, be the diplomat so you can clearly communicate the situation and resolve any strife or tense feelings.

Additionally, you're more likely to see a school of dolphins swimming together, rather than a single dolphin on its own. Dolphins work together in teams, keeping each other protected and safe. You too are invited to invite everyone involved in the current situation, to become part of a team and work together to communicate clearly and ensure that the outcome is for the highest good of all involved.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Answers Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, artwork by Marius Michael-George

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