Archangel Zadkiel: "Soften your heart with respect to this situation, and all the people involved, including yourself."

The word "compassion" is derived from the Latin verb "pati" meaning "to suffer" and "com" which means "with". In other words, to have compassion means that when you are confronted with another’s suffering, you feel motivated to alleviate and relieve that suffering. It motivates you to go out of your way to help the physical, mental, or emotional pains of another person or, indeed, of yourself.

The qualities of compassion are patience and wisdom; kindness and perseverance; warmth and resolve.

We see Archangel Zadkiel present on this card because he is the angel who brings emotional balance into every situation, and helps us to transmute any negative experience into a focus of love and learning. His energy has the power to release you from any negativity, exchanging it into infinite positivity.

Working from the outside, in, the colours we see on this card range from purple, pink, orange, and gold.

The colour purple, or more precisely violet, is the colour associated with Archangel Zadkiel as he is the keeper of the Violet Flame, a spiritual energy which, when we invite it to wash over and through us, releases us and enables us to surrender anything that is no loner serving us.

Pink is the colour of compassion, the very message of this card.

Orange is the colour of spiritual growth; through compassion for others and for ourselves, we can grow spiritually as our patience and wisdom, kindness and perseverance, warmth and resolve, will all go to raise our vibration and guide us to walk a path that is closer in tune with our soul and our spiritual connection.

Gold is the colour of prosperity and success. Often Archangel Zadkiel's aura is described as violet with golden flecks running through it, so, on this card, we see that his aura is radiating from the very outer limits to the very inner ones. Through compassion, through kindness, through our caring for others and our desire to see the best outcome for all situations, all involved will naturally experience prosperity and success as our desire to find a path that leads all concerned towards a successful outcome is for the highest good of all.

The message on the card, from Archangel Zadkiel is: "Soften your heart with respect to this situation, and all the people involved, including yourself." When we soften our heart in a situation, we can lean towards and practise forgiveness for ourself and those involved in the situation. When we soften our heart in a situation, we can see, appreciate and understand the other person's point of view.

It doesn't mean that we have to 'give up' or 'give in', thus changing your stance and view of the situation. What it does mean is that your heart is no longer hardened and immoveable, your heart is no longer closed and impenetrable. Rather you are open to finding creative solutions and alternatives to the situation, a stance which is not only compassionate but also empowering.

Empowerment is often wrongly associated with holding the power and, thus, standing firm and unmoving, with a hardened heart. However, true empowerment comes from the courage to soften your stance and your heart, and consider the position of all those in the situation, including yourself. In doing so, you become open to ideas and solutions for the highest good of all, and you can empower and inspire those around you to step forward in a more loving and understanding way to a more fair and honourable outcome.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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