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What pops into your head whenever you think of the phrase, 'connect with animals'?

What pops into your head whenever you look at the picture on this card?

I want to look at the picture on this card very briefly and then I want to consider the words below the phrase 'connect with animals'. Because connecting with animals can mean different things to different people.

What I want to highlight first on this card, is the area around the reindeer's antlers. It's like an aura that's shining around the antlers. It almost as if, when the human head and the reindeer head touch, that this beautiful aura, this beautiful connection rises from them touching, from them physically connecting. There's like an energetic connection.

And whenever you look at the eyes. The eyes of the human are closed but the eyes of the reindeer are open. The eyes of the reindeer really capture our attention on this card and, if you look, the eyes appear to be a really dark blue, the colour, for me, of strength. When you look into an animal's eyes, the eyes are the mirrors of the soul. You can really deeply and strongly connect with that animal when you make eye contact. So the card is asking us, and the angels are inviting us, to connect with animals, to connect better with the animal kingdom, to look animals in the eye.

It feels like we are so far removed from nature and from the animal kingdom. We no longer eat meat for survival becase we eat meat every day. And it's so far removed because we go to the supermarket or the butcher, and the meat is just sitting there. We don't see the process of the meat being taken from the animal or the animal's life being taken. The angels are inviting us to look into animals' eyes. When you do, you'll start to connect with them, you'll start to connect with the animal kingdom, and you'll start to better connect with nature. And you may, as a result, make different choices in life.

I'm not here to tell you to stop eating meat. I'm here to guide you and support you, and so are the angels, that when you look into an animal's eyes, you'll know that that animal has feelings, you'll understand that that animal has the same feelings and emotions that we express as well. It can hurt, it can feel pain, it can feel happiness and joy. So whenever you better connect with animals, you make better choices.

Connect with animals. What about spirit animals or animal spirit guides? They can come to us to warn us to take cover, to ignite our own animal instinct. We are a species on this planet. Just like the reindeer is a species, humans are a species as well. And we have an animal instinct within us. However, we have moved away from nature so much; we live in comfortable, warm houses where we don't have to run away from dangerous animals. Our animal spirit will guide us and connect us back with nature, will re-ignite that natural animal instinct within us so we become more connected with the animal kingdom and with nature itself.

Think of connecting with animals, with your pet if you have a pet. It can be so incredibly healing. It's a 2-way street; how you touch your animal and behave around your animal can be very healing to your pet, but it's also very healing for you as well. Science has shown that whenever you stroke a dog, a cat, a bunny or whatever your pet may be, that it lowers your blood pressure, that it's really healthy for you feeling that energy. And remember, our pets, although they are domesticated, they are a step closer to nature than we are and they can teach us so much by us simply watching their behaviour and learning from them. They are the best teachers. And they also vibrate the most beautiful enery, a really pure energy of unconditional love, like a new-born child. Animals and pets are full of unconditional love and they openly and willingly give that love to us. So its up to us to openly and willingly return unconditional love to them. Like I said, they are the best teachers.

And, finally, connecting with animals. What about a pet who has crossed over, maybe recently, maybe many years ago. You may feel that pet's presence every now and then, you may think that you see that pet running through your living room, for example. Just because your pet has crossed over, just like when human loved ones cross over, it doesn't mean they're gone. We no longer have that physical connection but it doesn't mean they're gone. They will always be with you. They will always be sharing love with you. And they will always be by your side.

There are so many interpretations for this card and how we connect with animals. And this week's guidance from the angels and from the animals, themselves, is to say, you have options. What rings true to you? What touchers your heart the strongest? What do you feel connected to the most?

Do you want to re-connect better with the animal kingdom and with nature, looking into that animal's eyes, and understanding that that animal has feelings, can sense and express emotions just like we do?

Do you want to connect with your animal spirit that is always guiding you?

Do you want to create a better relationship with your pet, a more healing, balanced and loving relationship with your pet?

And what about a pet who has crossed over? They haven't left you. Physically you can no longer touch them but they are still with you and they are still giving and sending you love.

So this week's card has more than one message for you and it's up to you to choose what message feels most comfortable in your heart, which message are you feeling tugged and you lean towards the most? That's the message you take from this card today.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Ancestor Spirit Oracle Deck by Jade Sky, illustrated by Belinda Morris

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