creating snowflakes of love

We have two beautiful bunnies in our home; they're very much the centre of our little family and centre of my world.

So when they are ill or not feeling the best, the bottom tends to fall our of my world. I would and do do anything and everything I can to help them feel better.

And so was the situation with our princess, Forrest.

Forrest isn't the most healthy of bunnies and has had many ups and downs, mostly going into GI Stasis which is when bunnies stop eating... it's an horrible condition and can quickly turn deadly if not addressed with urgency.

In more recent times she has had a dirty bum whereby her poo has been sticking to her fur and she hasn't been able to remove it herself. To give you a bit of a poo education, assuming you're not well versed in bunnies (apologies if you have bunnies and know all about their poo), bunnies have two types of poo. The one we're all familiar with, if you've been out walking in fields or in nature where bunnies have their burrows. These are the little round hard balls of poo. But they also have another poo, a softer form, which is high in minerals and nutrients. And this poo is really important for their well-being and health. Yes, you've guessed it... they eat it. And it's important that they do eat it.

This is the poo that was sticking to Forrest's fur because it was softer and, it seemed, she was producing an excess of it.

So every week, and later twice a week (at least) we were having to bathe her and remove the poo from her fur. Bathing bunnies can be dangerous because if you leave their fur wet, they can go into hypothermia and die. So bathing is never recommended, but it was the only option we had and we always made sure to dry her properly (with a hairdryer!) after each bath.

We took her to the vet and there wasn't much more the vet could do for us. She prescribed her some probiotics which she takes every morning, suggested she lose a few grammes, advised feeding her only hay and a few pellets (ie no salad) and also shaved her fur in the hope that the poo wouldn't stick to her so easily. But within a matter of days again we were back bathing her.

The lack of salad certainly did make a difference but, still, she was having problems.

It was around about that time that the work of Dr Emoto came into my consciousness. Dr Emoto observed crystallised water under a microscope. When he spoke loving supportive words to the water he noticed that it created snowflakes. But when he said nasty, horrible words to the water he noticed that it became gnarled and lost it shape. (If you want to learn more about Dr Emoto's water experiment, I recommend watching this video)

I found the research fascinating and, knowing that I could do no harm to Forrest because my intentions were pure, I began my own experiment. Because, after all, both humans and animals are made up of at least 60% water.

Every time Forrest came to me for a cuddle, I'd repeat a mantra I had created for her as I petted her:

"We love Forrest’s intestines because they’re so healthy; We love Forrest’s digestive system because it’s so healthy; We love Forrest’s wee bum because it’s so healthy and clean; We love that Forrest is so supple and flexible that she can keep her wee bum clean; We love that Forrest is the perfect weight for the perfect little princess she is; We love our wee Forrest."

I was repeating the mantra 2 or 3 times each day and within a month it seemed her dirty bum had calmed down. Indeed we took her to the vet for her shave and after that shave we didn't have to clean her for a good 2 months! Going from twice (or more) a week to once in 2 months was nothing short of a miracle.

Now I know you might be thinking it was the change in her diet, or her probiotics, or her shaved fur... that's what my husband believed. And certainly all of that did contribute. But we had also played around with her diet before, we had already used probiotics in the past (only not continuously) and when she had her fur shaved, it only ever helped for a few days.

So I sincerely believe that applying Dr Emoto's theory to our little princess has truly helped her. And I continue to say my mantra to her every day when she comes for her cuddle.

If nothing else it's lovely to know that by repeating a mantra filled with love, I'm creating beautiful little love snowflakes in her body.

Viv xx