love letter from my customer


Hey Beautiful

I received a love-letter the other day from one of my beautiful and amazing customers.

I call it a love-letter, others might call it a product review. But to me it was a love-letter because my customer took the time to write from her heart. And it truly brightened my day.

And I'd love to share some of it with you. Not to boost. But to honour my customer and publicly say "thank you... you mean the world to me."

And once you read what she has written you'll know why I feel so blessed to have customers like her:

"When Viv asked me to review a couple of products I couldn't be more happier.

The shower ice scrub is such a great product and I haven't found anything mainstream that resembles this product. If I have to describe it to someone who has never used this product: it's a shower product in the shape of a body butter. The product is so pure and concentrated you just need a little bit. And afterwards you will feel clean and moisturised.

The funny thing that I always thought 'sexy and sassy' is a summer scent. It's the smell of a bottle of water with fresh lemon and mint in it. But if you use it in the winter, it's just that fresh nice kickstart in the morning you need when you have trouble getting out of bed. And since the product is so moisturising, you just need a tiny amount. And I love the little jars it comes in. I always re-use them for all sorts of things."

It's always lovely to read lovely words about your products but where my customer, and many like her, stand apart is their desire to share their experience with others. And I feel so blessed for this.

The first sentence says what my customer thinks about the product and this is beautiful.

But the rest of what she writes, she writes for the benefit of someone who doesn't yet know my products or hasn't yet tried them. And this is what I find so incredibly loving. This is what blows me away. And this is why my customers mean the absolute world to me.

Usually when you're invited to write a product review you write it from a very personal perspective - how much YOU enjoyed the product, what impact the product had on YOUR skin.

Rarely do we write a review that is designed to help someone else, someone who may not have tried that product before. And I find this quite unique and truly very special.

And that's why I couldn't not share this love-letter with you today.

Viv xx
ps if you want to read it in full, head on over to my guestbook