let your body move


This is a beautiful flowing card, as you would expect from a card that has 'dance' written on it. You would expect the fluidity and movement on the card, as we can clearly see on this card.

But would you expect to see not one, not two, but three owls on the card? "What have owls got to do with dance?", you might be wondering.

Well what do owls represent? What do they symbolise in general?

The most common association that we have for the owl is wisdom. However, owls also imply insight and a heightening of intuition. They have a magical air about them, that you can sense things beyond your own reality, that you can tune into intuition, that you have a heightened sense of awareness.

And what that says to me in relation to dance and the freedom of movement, and the way the lady, the goddess on the card, is flowing and moving around is that, whenever you dance, you're letting go of blocks, of limiting beliefs, of anything that may be standing between you and your intuition, your natural-born gift of intuition.

And that's where the owls come in because the owls are at the forefront of this card and it's saying that when you dance and you release the heaviness, and you release the burdens, and you release the blocks, and you release the obstacles, it all just falls away whenever you dance, and you get yourself into a more positive place. Try to dance and feel unhappy by the end of it. It's impossible. Dancing raises your vibration, it lifts you up, it gets rid of any low energy that may be pulling you down. And, as a result, you're heightening your insight, you're heightening your intuition, you see things from a more positive perspective and a more realistic perspective as a result as well.

So, the angels, through this card, are encouraging us to enjoy movement, enjoy dance, and to let go of things that are annoying us and pulling us under.

As you can see, the third owl on the card... when the goddess dances it's almost like she's conecting over to this owl and this owl is beginning to fly free. So the dance is giving her freedom, it's giving her joy.

And birds see things from a higher perspective because they're up in the air looking down. Unlike us, where we walk on the ground and we can only see so far ahead of us. A bird, when it takes to flight, can see so much more, it can see the bigger picture.

So, through dance, through letting go, through rising up, through taking flight, we can begin to see things from a bigger picture and perspective, rather than not seeing the wood for the trees. So it gives us that freedom and that ability to see things from a more positive, more rounded, and from a greater perspective as well.

The other thing on this card are the colours. There are a lot of blues and greens on the card. And if you notice behind her, it's a rather dark blue and as you move forward with the colours there are more light blues coming in.

For me, it's not the actual colours, it's the shades and the tones of the colours this time that feel important. It's like whenever she's dancing, the darkness is going behind her and she's moving towards lighter shades.

Again, we are talking about releasing yourself from things that are holding you down, that are pulling you under, that are heavy, that are blocking you from seeing things in the right light. You're putting that darkness behind you when you dance, when you release yourself, and whenever you become free. And you start moving towards the lighter colours, brighter colours, colours that lift you up, raise you up. So you can see things with greater insight, with greater intuition, and a greater perspective as well.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Goddess Dream Oracle by Wendy Andrew

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