desert passage & embracing enthusiasm

"Trust there's a divine plan and shout to the heavens with happiness"

There's a word on this card that may stop many of us in our tracks: "Trust"

How many times have you trusted someone and they let you down? How many times have you listened to your intuition, trusted it and acted upon it, only to find you'd made a mistake or nothing came from your actions?

Trust is a very difficult emotion for us to surrender to 100%, because there are always little nagging doubts in our mind. Our monkey mind kicks into fast gear and reminds us of all the times we trusted and were hurt, or let down, or simply did not receive what we believed we should.

Trusting also means surrendering, letting go. And I don't know about you but, as a control enthusiast, I find that challenging, very challenging.

And yet when we can't and don't trust, we walk a very barren and lonely road; not letting others in to help, walking our lives alone and in doubt and fear because, after all, a lack of trust comes from a place of fear.

When I look at this card, I don't, however, see the barrenness of the desert. Rather, I feel warmth; from the sun, from the orange and yellow colours on the card. Perhaps that's because the angels have been patiently teaching me about trust and some of those lessons are finally starting to kick in. No matter, I'm going to, as always, focus on what shines out for me on this card and that's the colours, as I feel there's an important message for all of us here.

Orange on an angel card represents spiritual growth whilst yellow signifies self-belief, optimisim and positivity. For us to trust that there's a divine plan, that we've chosen to live this human experience for a reason, we need to have some spiritual beliefs and I feel that this card is reminding us that when we grow spiritually, trust becomes a bit more comfortable for us. When we feel we have to walk our path alone, that we do not have divine or angelic help and support, what is there to trust? However, when we fully trust and embrace that we have chosen this life for a reason, we are here to learn and grow and that the divine and angels are here supporting and guiding us along the path we have chosen, then that takes a weight off of our shoulders. Without trust you cannot believe and without belief you cannot spiritually grow.

Yellow as I mentioned is the colour of positivity, self-belief, and optimism; all attitudes and emotions that stand at the opposite end of the spectrum of fear. And as I mentioned earlier, when we cannot and do not trust, we're coming from a place of lack, doubt and fear. When you cannot and do not trust, how can you remain positive? How can you maintain the high vibrational frequencies of self-belief and optimism? Where would you rather stand on the scale of emotions; on the higher, lighter vibrations of positivity, optimism, self-belief or the lower, heavier vibrations of lack, doubt and fear? Because, remember, like attracts like.

The final colour/symbol that's standing out for me on this card is the purple mountains in the background. Mountains on an angel card represent opportunities to conquer your challenges, invitations to find a path around (or over) any obstacles or challenges that may appear to be standing in your way. Purple is the colour of angelic connection. I feel that, perhaps, the purple mountains are the most significant symbol on this card. You see, we're talking about trust, we're talking about a divine plan, we're talking about choosing this human experience, this life that we have chosen. When you trust in the divine and the angels for guidance and support, it doesn't mean that your path will be free from challenges. However, when you create that angelic connection, you'll no longer see those challenges as insurmountable. Rather you'll see them as challenges that you can overcome and conquer. When you trust that the challenges that appear along your path are there for a reason; a reason to grow and learn, then you can uncover the energy to find a way round or over them.

Before I finish this card, I want to refer to the desert in the picture and its significance to our message. In days gone by, sages and visionaries would retreat into the desert for periods of solitude as they felt that they could connect more deeply with spirit and their higher self. It was like removing themselves from the noise, from the panic, from the doubt, from the chatter and reaching deep within their soul to reconnect with who they truly were. And in doing so, they would often return from the desert with great insights.

Today we don't need to disappear into the desert, we can simply meditate quietly for a few minutes each day in order to reconnect with ourselves, with our higher self, and with the angels and the divine. When we take those few moments of quietude, listening to our heart, listening to any messages that may come our way, we shut out the noise, chatter and stresses of everday life, and in that quietude we, too, can uncover great insights.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

This second card is such a gentle yet empowering card.

Instantly the butterflies caught my eye. Butterflies have long been associated with change and transformation. They tend to appear when we're going through great change and overcoming previous challenges.

In its lifetime a 'butterfly' will experience some radical transformations. It grows from being an egg into a caterpillar which is restricted to living on land as it does not have wings. Some people would say that it can even be a little ugly, when compared to its final transformation into a butterfly. And the same can be said of us. Before we fully transform, our lives can be restrictive and we may not be the most attractive (I'm not talking physically, here) because life is not coming easily.

Before the caterpillar can fully transform into a butterfly, it must first become a pupa, it must cocoon itself in order to prepare itself to take flight. During this stage, the caterpillar's old body dies and a new body forms inside a protective shell. In order to be able to become a butterfly, the caterpillar has to fall apart completely, decompose down to its very essence, devoid of any shape or consciousness. It literally dies. There is nothing left of it.

And from that death, from that end arises a beautiful, elegant, fluttering butterfly; something that looks, in every possible way, different from how it looked when it was first created as a caterpillar.

Transformation is not necessarily easy nor is it always attractive but at the end of a transformation, you will have created something truly beautiful, something that brings joy and pleasure.

The angels are inviting us, as we go through our own transformation, to "shout to the heavens with happiness". Transformation is something to be celebrated, something to be enthusiastically embraced. The angels are encouraging you to accept that inside of you is a beautiful butterfly. You do not need to walk your path as a caterpillar. Rather transformation is natural and beautiful. So step away from the sidelines, take action, grow, learn, transform.

And while you are growing, changing and transforming express your emotions and feelings as you watch and admire the amazing new person you are becoming. This is emphasised by the crown of flowers on the girl's hair, in the card. The appearance of flowers is inviting us to express our feelings. Express them with joy and happiness, vibrations that are high, light and attractive (just like flowers and butterflies). Focus on the beauty that is within you and also surrounds you, celebrate the smallest of events in your life, discover what's new and beautiful about each and every day, embrace every single aspect of life; for by doing so you'll raise your vibration, you'll focus on high vibrational energies. and you'll openly embrace change and transformation.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

The combined message from these two cards is quite simple and to the point.

Without trust that you are divinely guided, that the angels are supporting you along your chosen life path, you cannot change and transform into the beautiful butterfly that is inside you.

Without taking time out and entering the desert of your mind, meditating to reconnect with your higher self, to hear the messages of love from the divine and the angels, you cannot change and transform into the beautiful butterfly that is inside you.

The Divine and the angels know that there's a beautiful butterfly inside of you and they're keen to coax it out of you. However, in order for you to change and transform (which may not necessarily be the easiest or most beautiful process), you need to trust that the angels and the Divine have your back.

Only with trust can you experience true change and transformation; change and transformation that is to be embraced and celebrated.

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