This is the 25th card of the Ceccoli Oracle deck. And the meaning behind the 25th card is 'disquiet'.

Have you been feeling worried about something, or anxious, or feeling uneasy about something? That's what this card is about: feeling anxious, worried, and uneasy; disquiet in your life.

This is not a beautiful bright card. The background is quite grey and dull which, I feel, describes your emotions when you are experiencing disquiet because your emotions will be lower, your vibration will be lower because there's something that's, literally, bugging you. We can see a little bit outside the window but we can't see very much. It's like the curtain has fallen and is covering what could possibly be a beautiful landscape. But, again, what little we can see of the landscape is quite grey so perhaps you are looking at life, because of this disquiet, this unease in your life, perhaps you're looking at life a bit on the grey side; things just don't seem bright and beautiful as they usually would do for you because this thing is weighing down on you.

Whenever I look at this card, the colour blue stood out for me; blue of her dress. She's lying on this beautiful chaise longue with a couple of cherries around her and this big, what looks to me to be, a mosquito.

The feeling I'm getting from this card is that... well let's look at the chaise longue first. Chaise longues were first created in the 16th century in France for the rich and the wealthy so they could lie back and rest without having to fully retire by going to bed. It's as if she has decided she's not ready to sleep yet, she'd just like to relax, maybe meditate for a little while, put her feet up. And then this mosquito comes along, buzzing and creating all this noise, all this havoc, all this disquiet, all this worry, all this unease... and she's really not getting a chance to relax because, no matter how much she tries, she can't take her focus off this mosquito which is larger than you would expect. It's larger than a mosquito would be.

If you think of mosquitoes and how incredibly tiny they are, and think of the quote from the Dalai Lama: "If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito". It's so incredibly true. If you've ever experienced in your bedroom, they nip and they buzz, and they nip and they buzz, and they're the most annoying insect whenever you're trying to get to sleep. So imagine one that is larger than life.

But is it larger than life? There's a question.

The disquiet that the mosquito's bringing with it, the unease that the mosquito's bringing into this picture, is it the mosquito that's larger than life or is it the disquiet that's larger than life?

She can't take her mind off it. She wants to relax, she wants to settle down, she wants to meditate or just have a simple doze, just take some time to herself but she can't because there's this crazy noise and bugging going on. And she can't take her eyes off it. And the more she lets it annoy her, the more it gets to her, the bigger and the bigger and the bigger the mosquito becomes until the mosquito itself isn't larger than life but the distraction and the disquiet that it's causing her is larger than life because her main focus is on it.

Look at her eyes. She can't close her eyes. It's like she has one eye on the mosquito up above, and she has the other eye down below where her hand is reaching. And what is her hand reaching towards? Well, it looks like one of those swats that you get for flies; those things that you swat a fly with that looks like a really tiny tennis racket. It looks like that's what's lying under her chaise longue. And this mosquito is bugging her so much that she just wants to take a swat at it, she wants to get rid of it.

The question is: is there something in your life that's bugging you at the moment that you just want to take a swat at?

However, if you make this thing larger than life, if you cannot focus on anything but this disquiet, this worry, this unease that's in your life, and you reach for a normal swat, do you think you're going to cause it any damage, do you think you're going to get rid of it? If she gets the swat and hits the mosquito in the picture, the mosquito's going to look at her and laugh. It's going to do him no harm at all because he is so much bigger than the little fly-swat that she's about to grab hold of. So it's not going to do him any harm.

What she needs to do first is to reduce her focus on the mosquito so the mosquito shrinks back down to its normal size. Then she can take a swipe at it to get rid of it, to scare it away, to keep it away, to tell it to leave her alone and go somewhere else, "I don't need your disquiet, I don't need you to bring worries to me that I don't want."

The message behind this card is, you have the ability to get rid of something that may be annoying you in your life, you have the ability to swipe it away provided you haven't given that one thing so much attention and focus that you've blown it all out of proportion. Because whenever you blow it out of proportion, it's going to take a lot more to get rid of it than usual.

The other thing on the card are the little cherries that have fallen or that are lying around. Whenever I think of cherries, I think of a sweet fruit, I think of cherry picking - a phrase that also comes to my mind. However, although cherries can signify sweetness and harmony, they've fallen. And I feel with these cherries, you need to consider if they're sweet or sour because you also get sour cherries which, when you eat them, they're really not that pleasant to eat. We enjoy the sweet cherries, but not the sour ones. Have things turned a little bit sour on her? Where she was enjoying these beautiful sweet fruits and then all of a sudden things became too much and she got distracted by one thing that was annoying her and all of a sudden everything around her has turned a little bit sour. You don't want things to turn sour on you. Again, you want to get this mosquito back down to its proper size, stop blowing it out of proportion so that you can get rid of it.

The other thing about the cherries that I mentioned is the phrase, "cherry picking". That came into my head. Maybe there are quite a few things that are annoying you at the moment; a few things that are bugging you, which is perfectly normal. However, you've been cherry picking and you've found one that you focused on and focused on and focused on, and now it's all out of proportion, it's larger than life, and you're really struggling to deal with it. The advice here is to stop cherry picking; stop focusing on one thing that is really difficult. There may be a collection of stuff that may be challenging to you at the moment, but you need to turn your mind and change your mindset around them.

If you have a challenge in your life, it's not because you can't cope with life. It's not because life is out to get you. It's quite the opposite. When you're given challenges in your life, life is there to support you and help you grow, to encourage you to expand and to develop and to change. The fact that you may have been focusing in and cherry picking one particular thing that has now become crazy exaggerated, that's not such a good thing to do. Rather look at everything that may be challenging you in your life and think, "I can learn something from all of this. I will become a better person when I overcome these challenges. They may be keeping me slightly awake at the moment but I know that in the end, because I will have grown, changed, expanded and become a better person, I'll be able to sleep easy; I won't need to lie on the chaise longue and grab 15 minutes here and there whenever I feel really tired. Rather I'll sleep easy at night so I don't need to rest during the day."

This card is a challenging card because the grey is kind of like doom and gloom. The appearance of the mosquito is far too big and out of scale. The angels are saying that what you're doing at the moment, it's an advisement; the angels are trying to tell you to calm down, get things back into proportion because you can do this. The angels have given you the tools - that fly swat is underneath the chaise longue. The angels have given you the tools to deal with your life. But if you blow those challenges out of proportion, the tools they've given you won't help. So, see things as they truly are. See a mosquito as this super tiny annoying bug, but something that you can swipe and get rid of when you need to if it gets too close, just swipe it away. Don't blow it out of proportion.

Then that means you will rest easy at night because you will have worked through your challenges; challenges that have helped  you to grow. And you won't have been so exhausted... The blue on her dress. I don't think I've mentioned it yet. Usually for me blue is about strength or communication or similar. But, for me, on this card, blue is very much about feeling blue. The whole challenge that she's going through at the moment is leading her to feel exhausted and feeling really down and really blue. And I'm wondering if that's how you're feeling at the moment too?

You can turn things around. Get things back into perspective, breathe and calm down again. And remember that you have all the tools to deal with the challenge that you are experiencing at the moment. You can use these tools to blow that challenge out of the water, swipe it away, so you can then restore yourself, you can feel the vitality in your soul again, you can feel awake and not always tired and exhausted, and that you, when you go to bed, can sleep easy at night because these things are not whirling around in your head.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Ceccoli Oracle Deck by Nicoletta Ceccoli

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