don't stop & twin flame

"don't stop, ask for guidance"

There's really not a lot to be said about this first card. The writing's on the wall, quite literally: Don't stop!

However, let's dive into the symbolism and colour a bit further to make this message clearer, if that's at all possible.

The first things that strike me are the rainbows that are all around the angel, There's a rainbow behind his/her head and there are rainbows maklng up the colours of the wings.

Rainbows are all about positive change and expansive blessings. So in relation to the rainbows, which are, not by coincidence, plentiful on this card, the angels are telling you not to stop what your doing, what lights you up, what makes your heart sing.

There may be times when you're doing what you so love to do, yet feel you're getting little traction and are not as far ahead as you think you should be. After all, when you do what lights you up, you're raising your vibration and shining your light out to the world, and that light attracts like-minded souls your way, right? Sometimes it may not feel that way. However the angels are reassuring you not to stop, not to give up. Have faith and trust that you are touching those you need to touch, your light is shining into the lives of those it needs to reach.

The other colours that stand out for me are the transitioning colours on the angel's cloak from dark yellow to gold. Yellow is the colour of positivity, optimism and self-belief. Gold is the colour of success and prosperity.

The message being relayed to us here is that optimism, positivity and self-belief will be followed by success and prosperity. Trust that you are shining your light, stay positive that you are reaching those you need to touch, have self-belief in your abilities and gifts, and through this your light will shine brightest and will attract the success and prosperity that is divinely yours.

The final thing I want to touch on in this card is the horn that the angel is holding. I feel this horn represents the angels spreading the word about you, letting others hear about you, supporting you on your journey.

The angels are supporting you on your journey. They are heralding your arrival and helping to shine your light. So when you have a wobble and begin to lose faith because you may not see the results you expect, they are advising you to "Don't Stop!". Have faith and trust that you are making a difference and touching those you need to touch.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Answers Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, artwork by Marius Michael-George

This card threw me a little so I checked in with the angels for some added guidance. And the confirmation I received was that we want to focus on the title of this card "Twin Flame" and dive deeper. However, the explanation about it being based on a romantic relationship, we should not take quite literally.

Before we dive into this card, let me explain to you the concept of a twin flame. A twin flame is said to be a romantic partner who originated from your spiritual soul group. Often twin flames incarnate together during their final lifetime on earth. Until that time, however, twin flames usually don't incarnate simultaneously. Instead they volunteer to function as one another's spirit guides.

And it's this latter explanation of a twin flame, your spirit guide, that the angels want us to focus on.

Your twin flame is guiding you from 'beyond the veil', from 'the other side' and is intricately involved in the situation we alluded to in the first card.

We can see in this card how the woman appears to be intimately connected to the angel, her twin flame. They truly are connected and appear inseparable. And this is what your twin flame wants you to feel towards them. They want you to create a bond that cannot be broken, a relationship where you are both working together as one. Because when you lean on your twin flame spirit guide, when you build that strong connection, it truly is a case of two are stronger than one.

There's a lot of brown on this card; brown being the colour of Mother Nature. If you haven't yet established a connection and relationship with your twin flame, perhaps being surrounded by nature will help you feel closer to your twin flame spirit guide. I also feel that brown implies something that feels natural. And a relationship with your twin flame spirit guide is something that should feel natural and pure to you, where you can turn to your twin flame for guidance and loving support. You are not alone.

The other colour I see is a very deep violet in the form of a cloak attached to the angel in this picture. Violet is the colour of transformation and I feel that when you lean on your twin flame, when you create that beautiful and natural connection and relationship with them, when you work together as one, then true transformation can take place.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Therapy Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

Clear and simple, don't stop what lights you up, what you feel is your life's purpose, what makes your heart sing, for the angels are supporting you every step of the way and are heralding your arrival to those who will grow, transform, heal from the work you offer.

At times, however, it may seem that you're not always gaining traction as fast as you think you should. At times you may even doubt your abilities and gifts.

It's at times like these that we are being invited to turn to our twin flame spirit guide. As we bond and create a strong relationship through everyday communication with our twin flame, transformation can begin to take place. When you work as one with your twin flame spirit guide, the spirit guide who knows you intimately, you will become stronger.

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