I find this card fascinating because whenever I turned over this card, the very first thing I spotted on were the black lines which seemed to be coming down from the sun. And I was thinking of the word "drought".

Drought is when things have dried up so, maybe you're feeling that certain elements or certain areas of your life have been dried up. Maybe work isn't flowing to you, or your ideas aren't flowing as they used to. Maybe money isn't flowing to you the way it used to. Maybe you feel things have just begun to dry up.

And what it felt, to me, with these lines that are coming from the sun, was almost like, you've got this lady in the foreground and she's going to be walking through this desert. And the lines are pointing out areas where the drought is really strong. It's almost like you're looking at yourself and being really hard on yourself and saying, well, I'm failing in that area, things aren't working right in that area, and things aren't flowing in that area... and you're really being quite nit-picky and quite soul-destroying whenever you look at yourself and your life. Because your life's not flowing the way you would like it to flow, and you're going through a period of drought.

But on the flip side, look at the colours in this card. The bright, beautiful yellows of this card, the browns on this card, the purples in this card.

Yellow is the colour of optimism, self-belief and positivity. And it's saying, even if you're finding yourself in drought, even if you're finding yourself in a desert, you will always be able to find water. Just sometimes you need to dig that little bit deeper for it. Or you have to think outside the box. To find water in a desert, you might have to dig down to below where a river has been dried out, dig below to find the water. Or, if you're walking through the desert and you see plants, plants need water and they often store water in their leaves. So you might find a plant and be able to, with its permission, break off a leaft and drink the water it has stored in that leaf. So you just may have to dig that little big deeper or think a little bit outside the box but the water that you need will always be there for you, you just need to look for it.

And it's the same in your life at the moment. At the moment, you're focusing on everything that's not going right, on all the drought in your life, where things aren't flowing. You need to do a little bit of soul searching now, you need to dig a little but deeper, you need to think outside the box and really start focusing on the brighter areas of your life. And be filled with self-belief that your life is going to turn around.

Remember, the sun is a life-giving source of energy and it represents bringing life back. So focus on the sun in your life, focus on areas of your life where, if you shine some light on them and look after them and give them some tender loving care, that those areas can blossom.

Don't look at every single area that's not working at the moment. Focus on an area and begin to let it blossom, dig for the water, find the water that belongs there, that's going to help it to flow. And then you can walk on to the next place and find the water that's held there as well, so that area of your life will flow also.

You need to remain optimistic, you need to remember that the Universe always has your back, that the angels are always supporting you and that, when you need their help and guidance, and it's important to ask for their help and guidance because they just won't step in if you don't ask, ask for their help and guidance to find the water sources in your life, to find and pump water up to the surface of your life so things begin to flow a bit better.

I also mentioned the browns in the colours. Brown, for me, is all about returning to nature. You've got the brown in the soil, you've got the brown of tree trunks so it's a very natural colour. And it's saying to me, there will be areas of your life where things aren't quite working out. But focus on the areas where things are working out and raise your vibration as a result so you can go back to the areas that aren't seemingly working out, and bring a more positive energy to them.

It's also reminding me of nature and everything works in cycles. So, although you may be feeling you're in drought at the moment, that cycle is not going to last forever. You will get through that and you will start to become more in flow. You will find the water, it will start to rise to the surface and your life will begin to flow better.

And then, of course, we have the colour purple which is all about angelic connection. The angels are saying that at the moment, because you're going through a drought and things seem really tough, we may at the moment, seem quite far away. But we are here, although it may feel like in the distance. And we are also close to you although you may not realise it. Just ask us to step forward to support you and guide you through this part of your life so that we can start to get things flowing again, so life can become more smooth and be more in alignment with who you are and your soul purpose.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Earthcraft Oracle by Juliet Diaz and Lorriane Anderson, artwork by Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

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