dry skin in winter

Do you know what one of the top 5 causes of dry skin is?

Let me give you a clue.... if you're feeling warm and cosy whilst reading this, whether at home or at work or even in a cafe, then I suspect you might be enjoying the benefits of this right now.

Have you guessed it?

It's central heating.

And that's today's #funfactfriday.

When you crank up the central heating to keep the Winter chills outside, the central heating dries the air inside your home and attributes to drawing the moisture out of your skin.

The best way to combat this is to use a humidifier, a gadget that adds moisture to the air to reduce and prevent dryness. That way you can better control the humidity in your home.

We moved to our new apartment two years ago at the start of Winter. And after a few weeks I noticed my skin become itchy and tight.

So we purchased a little humidity and temperature reader and it was only then that we realised just how dry our apartment was. And it was this dryness that was attributing to my drying skin.

So we bought a humidifier and it was one of the best investments we could have made.

This year, as soon as the temperature outside started to fall, we switched on our humidifier and have kept the humidity in our home close to 60 ever since. And I have noticed a real difference in the health of my skin.

So if you're noticing that your skin is becoming itchy and dry this Winter, it might be an idea to check the humidity level in your home.

The drier air inside your home in Winter is just one of the top 5 causes of dry skin. I've written a short article about all 5 causes which I have tucked away in my Beauty Box.

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