ear chakras

Notice messages that appear as sounds, music, and words, from both external sources and within your mind. These messages are real answers to your prayers.


"Ear Chakra? Really?", you might be thinking.

Most of us know and have heard of the 7 primary chakras which run up our spine from its base: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. But did you know that there are actually 114 chakras in total, in the human body?

Let's step back a minute and talk about what a chakra actually is.

You may have heard the phrase "everything is energy" so whilst your phone or laptop, on which you're reading this angel message, may look and feel solid, it's actually a collection of vibrating energy.

And we, humans, are exactly the same. We are all energy.

The chakras in our body are often referred to as spinning wheels of energy which cannot be touched but can be sensed. They can be compared to invisible, rechargeable batteries, charged and recharged through contact with the stream of cosmic energy and, because everything is moving, it is essential that our chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid as, when they are balanced, they feed our physical body as well as our emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Although the ear chakra (named as a singular chakra although located just above each ear) is not one of the primary 7 chakras, it does play an important part in hearing guidance and messages.

When the ear chakra is clear and spinning easily and smoothly, it allows us to access our gift of Clairaudience, the gift of hearing intuitively. This chakra helps us to receive guidance from the divine, from the angels, from our spirit team, and from our higher self. That guidance can be received in the form of words, phrases, songs or tones.

The angels, through their message today, are inviting us to pay heed to the words, phrases etc that may be trying to capture our attention.

Perhaps you're listening to the radio and some lyrics in a song seem louder, seem to stand out. There's a message there for you.

Perhaps you're looking through your personal music collection and wondering what to listen to and you're drawn to a particular song or album. There may be a message waiting for you there.

Perhaps you're in the supermarket doing your weekly shop and you overhear a sentence in a nearby conversation between two strangers. That sentence probably has a special message for you.

Or perhaps you're at home and you hear someone calling your name, even though you know there's no-one else at home. That's a message for you.

Or you hear a voice in your head giving you guidance. Don't dismiss it as your imagination, it's guidance from your higher self, from the divine, from the angelic and spiritual realm.

How do you know, however, that the messages you're receiving are messages of guidance? How do you know it's not just your ego or conscious mind playing tricks?

That's very easy.

When you hear the message and guidance, stop for a second and ask yourself the question: "is that message positive, uplifting, and supportive or is it negative, judgemental or criticising?" If it's the former, then it's a message from your higher self, from the divine, from the angelic and spiritual realm. The latter is your ego and conscious mind desperately trying to keep you small and safe.

There is a ton of green on this card, green being the colour of healing. When our ear chakra is in balance, is open and spinning unhindered, we are open to receive guidance from the divine, our higher self etc, guidance that can bring about great healing. Let's suppose you're feeling lost in life, you feel that you may have taken a wrong turn or aren't walking your true soul path. The guidance you receive through Clairaudience can help put you back on track, it can clear up any feelings of constant confusion about what next steps to take (one symptom of a blocked ear chakra).

At the same time, receiving messages of guidance will bring you great strength (dark blue) and harmony (light blue) in your life as the messages enfold themselves around you like wings.

If we look at the angel on the card, look how serene she appears to be. Look how at peace she is. When you take time away on your own in a place that may be really special to you (it could be a special corner in your home, it could be in nature), and we just stay still and silent; it's at times like this when our mind is relaxed, when we tune into the natural world, when we invite the busy-ness of our thoughts to dim, that we are most open to receiving the messages and guidance we need to keep moving forward, to keep walking our soul path.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Therapy Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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