earth angel

For this message I'm 'going back to my roots' using the oracle deck that first kicked off my love of angel cards and loving messages the angels send us through the cards. And I don't think you could have received a more beautiful card: Earth Angel

The prominent image in this card is the woman. And when a woman appears in an angel card it either means you or the feminine role you play in this situation. I don't think there's any doubting that the angels are referring to you, personally, in this card.

You are holding a globe and whilst you are described as being an earth angel, the globe in your hands is not the globe we usually associate with earth. The globe here is illuminated and buzzing with life. It has a beautiful light and bright yellow sheen. With yellow representing optimism, positivity and self-belief, I believe that the angels have a two-fold message here.

Not only are they encouraging you to have greater self-belief in yourself and why you are here on earth - to teach about love. But also, especially in today's climate when the planet is ailing and in need of our support to heal, the angels are sharing that it's not all doom and gloom like we are often to led to believe. Through teaching and sharing of love we can help Mother Earth heal herself.

The feathered wings behind the woman depict her as an angel and as the card describes the angels are referring to you as an earth angel.

But I feel the wings are important for another reason too. The presence of feathers on a card tell us that the angels are always with us, supporting us and cheering us on. When people choose an angelic sign, they often choose feathers. Each time they see a feather, or indeed see or hear a bird, it reminds them that their angels are with them. When you head out into nature it's very difficult not to think of feathers as you always hear the birds singing. Just like the birds in nature, the angels are with you always.

Sometimes, as earth angels, we can feel 'out of place' because we are literally angels who have been sent to earth. So we can feel a bit alienated, everything may feel foreign and uncomfortable. The wings on this card are our reminder that we are never alone. The angels are always with us, supporting us.

The light blue shade of the feathers implies harmony. Through your teachings of love, you bring harmony to others and to the world.

We can teach about love in many different ways. I teach about love by sharing about self-love and all the steps that guide us along the journey of self-love. But simply by doing what you do, living your life and embracing your work with love, you are also teaching about love. Anyone who lives their life from a place of love will positively impact (and inspire) those around them and beyond.

As earth angels we are all asked to teach about love. That's our life purpose. You don't need to write about love or teach a course on self-love or even heal others through love, you just need to practise love by being centred, calm, and showing compassion in all your interactions with others.

Love always starts with self. Only when you love yourself and fill your cup to overflowing can you extend that love outwards, to others around you, to the animals on our planet, to Mother Earth herself. It's a very natural progression which I have experienced for myself as I journey along the path of self-love. As I love myself more and more I make conscious decisions which show respect to our planet and animal world, choices that feel incredibly natural and, basically, feel like no-brainers; choices that never entered my consciousness before I practised self-love.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Therapy Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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