earth magic


When I first turned over this card and looked at it for the first time, and saw the words 'earth magic', I didn't fully get the meaning of the card because I had an inkling that there were two meanings behind this card. And, sure enough, when I looked at the card and started to extract the information and the guidance that I am to share here today, indeed there are two meanings in this card. And also, whenever I looked at the card, I felt there were two meanings behind the scene as well.

So, the title 'earth magic' seems to be attracting two meanings, and the picture, the actual scene on the card is bringing two meanings as well.

Before we get into the earth magic, let's look first at the picture on the card.

When I first saw this picture, what it said to me was: there's a witch and she's chosen to be in the cover of darkness, in a secluded part of the forest, hidden away where nobody can see what she's doing. And she's performing some kind of magic.

Whilst that felt okay, it didn't feel quite right to me because this is an oracle card.

When I receive messages for oracle cards, I'm connected in with teh angels and all positive energetic beings who wish to support and guide us and get the message across. And to say, and to invite you to perform earth magic by going into the forest at night so nobody can see you, where you're nice and secluded and you're hidden, and you do these things in secret, that didn't quite work for me.

I feel there's an importance in doing it in secret. However, what it's saying to me now that I understand it better is, when you do find a quiet time (and usually it's most quiet in the night time), when you find a really quiet time when everbody is sleeping, you find somewhere deep in the heart of nature (which usually and quite often can be a forest), you surround yourself by earth energy, you're taking time alone to be just with the earth and you. There's no other distractions, there's nobody else around, there's no other noise. So you can really delve deep into earth's energy.

That's the better meaning and that's what feels better for me with regards this card. It has nothing to do with doing something and hiding it from everybody else; it's removing yourself from all the noise, all the distraction. And sometimes the best time to do that is at night whenever things are quieter. Find a bit of time. If you struggle during the day because, maybe, you have a very busy family life, a very busy career, and it's difficult and challenging for you to find even 5 minutes in your day to just have some quality time with earth energy, then do it in the evening. Do it whenever the moon is ripe in the sky. Do it whenever it's quiet. Do it whenever it's dark and all you have is the light of the moon and the stars in the sky.

Find some time whenever you can remove yourself from other people and distractions and just find some quality time to be with the earth, to be with the energy, to be in nature.

If you see, at the bottom of the card, we have a cat. And the cat is rolling around in these crystals, these little tiny crystals. The witch on the card is more focussed, more organised, I guess you could say, whenever it comes to working with the salt, the crystals and the sage or rune or whatever that may be, it doesn't matter. What that's saying to me is there's a difference between human beings and the animal kingdom; a huge difference.

The animal kingdom have never lost their connection with the earth. They roll around in the earth. They have this strong connection and this real bonding that has always been with them.

For humans, whether it's because we've been wearing shoes for too many years, because we live in cities and we don't spend enough time in nature, whatever the reason is, we have lost our connection with the earth and with nature. And we've lost the bond that we used to have way back many, many thousands of years ago whenever we lived in caves and we were hunter-gatherers, and we knew what the weather was going to be doing without having to look it up on the internet, we knew where the best berries were, we knew where the bears hung out and we wanted to avoid those areas. We were very much connected in with nature and depended on nature. We've lost that connection.

So now, when we're trying to get back to nature, it doesn't come so naturally to us as it would a cat rolling around with the crystals. It feels like we have to focus more, pay more attention. However, as you do that, as you spend more time with your earth magic, connecting back with the earth and bonding with the earth, and getting to know your energy as an earthly being, that'll become easier and more natural, that'll feel more natural.

It's almost like a call to return to who we were. We are so removed from who we are. We have lost touch with our intuition, we have forgotten our natural remedies, we no longer are in flow with the natural moon cycles and sun cycles. We've lost all that. We've lost our connection. And this is a really strong invitation to get back to it.

And, yes, because we're lost it, because we feel so disconnected now, it will take effort, it will take focus, it will take discipline. But it will happen through time, And it will become natural through time.

This is such a strong message for today for everyone in the world: to get back to nature, connect with nature.

There's one thing that really caught my eye incredibly strongly in this card. It's not a symbol, it's not a colour. What caught my eye the most is, if you follow the line that goes through the table leg along the grass edge and up her skirt. It's a line that's totally connected.

This is such a strong message, it's repeating what I've already said. We are part of earth. We are connected. It's just that we've lost that connection. We are being encouraged to re-connect with the earth again, to re-connect with nature, to know that we are a species just like any other animal species, and we depend on Mother Earth and Mother Nature for our livelihood, for our health, for our wealth, for our food, for everything. We depend on Mother Nature.

So it's important to re-connect back, to remove ourselves from the lives that we have been living now for decades and centuries where we are removed from Mother Earth, and return to her, become one again.

Finally, let's go back to the title of the card, 'earth magic'. On one hand it's saying to me, connect with earth and use the earth and your connection and your new bonding with the earth to create magic in your life, to bring back beauty to your life, to remember who you are, remember you're a natural earthly being, and re-connect and bond with earthly energy. That was one beautiful meaning for the title of the card, 'earth magic'.

The second was, in a way creating earth magic. Because we have been so removed for so many generations, for so many decades, for so many centuries; because we are so removed, so many of us, not all of us but so many of us have been removed from the earth, we have lost our connection with the earth, we have lost our bond with the earth; because we don't have that strong connection anymore, it's almost like we don't have that responsibility anymore. So we want to give back, we want to bond with the earth again, and connect with the earth again so we can create magic for the earth, so we can work as one together, so we are in harmony again. No longer destroying the earth and causing destruction.

We are creating earth magic because we are giving back into the earth, we are connecting again, understanding the earth, appreciating the planet, and giving everything back, so we can turn around all the horror and destruction that we have created and create a beautiful magic again so that, not only do we benefit, but our home, the planet we live on, can benefit as well.

This card is basically saying get back out to nature, connect with nature, bond with nature. Whether that's kicking off your shoes and standing on the soil to soak up the energy of the earth. Whether that's going out to a forest and just enjoying walking amongst the trees and even leaning against a tree and connecting with the tree's energy. Even, if you have a pet, getting to know your pet better, on a different and higher level because they are so connecetd in and grounded with earth energy. We can learn so much from the animals around us, including our pets.

Whatever it means to you, get back out and reconnect with the earth. Because whenever you reconnect with the earth, you want to do good for the earth, you want to put magic back into the earth as well as receiving magic from the earth.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Everyday Witch Oracle Deck by Deborah Blake, artwork by Elisabeth Alba

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