embracing the future

For this message, I'm using the oracle card deck I use most when giving private readings.

I use this deck as I find it very interactive (it's full of symbols and colours) which means that the reading doesn't roll just one-way. It's a two-way collaboration so you feel more involved in receiving the messages the angels wish to share with you.

Through this card the angels are encouraging you to keep stepping forward. The past is behind, open the door to your future and embrace what lies ahead for you.

Every moment of every day you're creating your future. The phrase "where focus goes, energy flows" springs to my mind. If you focus on the happiness, gratitude and the abundance that already surrounds you (we are always much more abundant than we initially believe), then your future shall be blessed with much more of the same.

What you expect in life, tends to be what is realised. So embrace today with an open heart to create a beautiful future.

Do you live in the future rather than the present? Are you always saying things like "I'll be happy when..." or "I'll feel successful when..."? If you are your happiness or success may never be realised by you because you keep moving the goalposts and changing the parameters. Recognise and embrace the happiness and success you have in your life already. That way as more happiness and success comes your way, you will recognise it, appreciate it, and be grateful.

Perhaps you have a dream, an ambition, goals. It's always good to set dreams and goals as they give us something to strive towards  but you also need to enjoy the satisfaction of the present otherwise you may never notice when your dreams come true or when you reach your goals. They'll simply come and go like the breeze.

The angels are inviting you to enjoy the journey into the future, taking every day as it arrives, every bit as much as the fulfillment of arriving at the destination.

What stood out for you in this card, I wonder? It's packed full of symbols. Take a moment to look at it again and see what stands out strongest for you. You won't (and shouldn't) notice every symbol in the card as not every symbol is relevant for where you are, for what message the angels wish you to receive, for where you are going.

Here's a brief explanation of some of the symbols that stand out most:

There's a woman standing in an open door. In angel oracle cards, a woman represents you or the role you play in the situation. Did her purple dress stand out? If so, purple represents angelic connection. How can you connect with the angels and invite their guidance into this situation? The door has been pulled open towards the woman in order for her to walk through. By opening the door towards her she has pulled the energy of the future closer to her. And her willingness to step through the doorway shows an openness to embrace her future.

Did the mountains stand out for you? Often we think of mountains as obstacles but here they are showing that you have the opportunity to conquer your challenges. Dig into the experience, stamina and self-confidence that you know is inside you to embrace the opportunities that are awaiting you. Again, if their purple colour stood our for you, this represents angelic connection. Can you call on the guidance and support of the angels in the opportunities that lie ahead?

What about the hills. Did they feel important? Hills represent new things. Are you standing at a crossroads where, if you embrace your future, you could be walking along a new path or need to build up new skills? Are you dreaming of a change, then live that change as if it's already happening in the present. Were the colours of the hills important to you? When I aksed you to relook at the card to see what symbols stood out for you, did you saw "green hills" for example, or just "hills". If you mentioned then colour then the colour also have symbolic meaning for you. If you saw green hills, green relates to healing. So have you recently had health challenges or do you wish to focus on a more healthy lifestyle going forward? Were the hills that you spotted, yellow in colour? Yellow symbolises positivity, optimism and self-belief. Have you had doubts about your path or an area in your life? By walking through the door and embracing your future, the angels are advising you that things are goign to get better. Be positive, stay optimistic, have self-belief.

Did the meandering path catch your eye? If so then the angels are advising you that you are already making progress and moving forwards. Keep taking one step at a time, one day at a time. Don't look into the future, rather embrace the progress you make every single day as each day is taking closer to your dream. Enjoy the journey.

Did you notice the change in hue from one side of the door to the other? On the far side of the door, everything seems a bit brighter. If this was important to you then the angels are encouraging you to keep taking one step forward at a time. Perhaps your recent past has felt a bit dark and you're wondering if you'll ever accomplish your dreams and goals? The path ahead of you is brighter and looks encouraging so the angels are encouraging you to walk away from the past and towards the future. Embrace the future with an open heart as everything will become brighter.

What about the sky changing from night to day? Did you notice that? I feel this is the same message as with the changing hue behind and in front of the open door. You may have felt a bit in the dark or a bit lost recently but by opening the door and embracing the future, the angels are advising you that you no longer need to walk at night, rather embrace the daylight and everything it illuminates.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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