evil queen

you deserve sugar, not salt


What message can we pull from this card today?

Whenever I turn this card over, I see these lovely sugar lumps falling out of the queen's hands - I'm assuming they're the evil queen's hands. It looks like she's trying to really hold onto that sugar and not let it go because she's an evil queen. So she wouldn't like you to receive sugar lumps, something sweet.

But the sugar lumps are breaking free. And what that's saying to me is, we all deserve some sweetness in life. We shouldn't always have to experience the saltiness and the pain that too much salt can bring. So if anyone is preventing you from having some sweetness in your life, if you have anyone in your circle, whether they're friends, family, colleagues or further, or anyone who crosses your path, and they're holding the sweetness away from you, you don't want that person in your life. You don't want the person who thinks you only deserve saltiness in your life, that you don't deserve any sugar.

Salt can add flavour to life. But if you eat something that has too much salt, it's really difficult to swallow.

When I think of this card and I think of salt, there's a phrase that keeps popping into my head and that's "pouring salt on the wound". And what that phrase means is, if you're going through a difficult time and somebody pours salt on the wound, they're making it even harder for you. Why on earth would you want somebody in your life that, if you're going through a challenging time, is just making life harder for you? They're just making it more difficult. They're pulling out and pointing out all the negatives to you. That's not the kind of person you want to be surrounded by.

So it feels, very much, that the angels are saying, look at your life, really look at the people you're hanging out with. Are they deserving of your beauty and your sweetness? Or are they always trying to pour salt on the wound? Are they always trying to be more negative? Maybe it comes naturally to them. Are they being more negative and, when you're down, it;'s almost like they're pulling you down further?

The angels are saying, you don't that kind of person in your life.

When you want to work with the angels, when you want to connect with the angels and the spiritual realm, you need to maintain a high vibration. Because the angels' vibration is uper high and they will come down and meet you halfway  because they don't expect you to reach their vibration. But they're not going to come down whenever your vibration is really low, whenever you're living a salty life. So you want to maintain a high vibration and if you are surrounded by people who are pouring salt on the wound all the time, they're pulling your vibration down, which means it's harder for you to connect with the angels. And, therefore, it's harder for you to raise your vibration and stay positive and stay optimistic. Eventually they will pull you down to the vibration they're vibrating at. And that's not the happiest of places.

When I think of sugar, I think of Mary Poppins and I think of 'a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down'. Whenever you were a kid and you had to take, maybe, cough medicine or some kind of medicine, maybe for your tummy or whatever, it wasn't always the nicest of flavour. But if you put a little bit of sugar, afterwards, on your tongue, it just helped the flavour. It makes things a lot sweeter.

So, if things are challenging, if things are tough, find something that can bring the element of sugar to it. Find something that will raise your vibration. Find something that will make you feel better.

If, for example, maybe you're doing something at work and you're just not enjoying it, find something outside of work that can bring sweetness to your life. Always look at ways that you can add a little bit of sweetness to your life.

On this card, down below where the sugar lumps are falling, it feels a lot cooler. And as you rise up, and rise up, it feels a lot warmer. Also on the card, there are little stars below and also above. But the stars, to me, feel more prominent in the lower part of the card - they're almost shining out brightly.

What this says to me is, down below where there is only salt and you're not getting the sugar yet; it's starting to fall but you're not getting the sugar yet, things are a little bit colder, they're not so pleasant. And then the sugar is starting fall into that experience and it's starting to raise you up and things are becoming a lot more pleasant. It's like stepping from a cold Winter's snowy day into the lovely bright warmth and sun of a Summer's day. It's like going from one extreme to the other whenever you look out, that's sweetness. Whenever you attract that sweetness into your life, you'll move your vibration up but you'll also take your life from somewhere that, maybe, is a little bit more challenging, a little bit colder, somewhere where it's brighter, more illuminated. warmer, more enjoyable.

So, as those sugar lumps are falling and you're making the most of those sugar lumps, things are starting to get a little bit better.

I mentioned the stars. They seem to be shining a lot more brightly in the bottom half of the card. Now, understandably, stars shine more brightly at night-time than they do in day-time but what this is saying to me is, the stars are shining at the bottom of the card, the part of the card where it's saying to me, it's a little bit harder, a little bit colder, it's a bit more challenging, it's a little bit more difficult. And the stars are reminding you, reach higher. Again, another phrase, 'reach for the stars'. Whenever you're reaching for the stars you'r setting your goals, your dreams, your desires, your ambitions to a place where you feel, maybe, initially, you can't reach them. If you just place your goals and ambitions and your dreams and your desires to a level where it's easy to reach, well, you're not going to get too far. But if you aim for the stars and you want to reach for the stars, it gives you something to drive towards, it brings your motivation up and gives you something to really set your sights on.

And I feel the stars are prominent here because they're reminding you, you deserve much better and so much more in your life. Reach for the stars. Aim higher. Look for people who will shine in the night sky for you. Look for people who will be there supporting you, cheering you on. Whenever things are tough and you feel you're walking through the night and you, maybe, can only see a couple of stars around you in the night sky to guide your way, make sure that those stars are shining brightly. Make sure that the stars are people in your life that are shining brightly for you, that are encouraging you to step forward and that are cheering you on. Because, when that happens, again, you will rise to a better place and the stars will always be there whenever you rise higher to that better place, but they don't need to shine quite so brightly because you'll be shining along with them.

So, today's message is a beautiful message but it is, also, a message to invite you to open your eyes. It's not easy breaking or cutting cords with people or things that may be pulling you down, but you need to remember that in your life, you are #1, nobody else is #1. And if somebody is not raising you up, is not cheering you on,  and is not making your life better, well it might be a tough decision but it's the better choice for you, to walk away, to cut cords, to give forgiveness. But, in essence, you are #1 and, therefore, for you to rise up and enjoy the sweetness of life, you need to make sure that all the saltiness is calmed down.

It's good to have a little bit of saltiness, it's good to have a few challenges but you don't want your life saturated with salt.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Believe In Your Own Magic Oracle Deck by Amanda Lovelace, artwork by Janaina Medeiros

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