exceeding expectations

I soar into excellence!


This is such a celebratory card. Just look at the lady, standing. Her arms are open wide and she's standing as if she's really celebrating.

However, the first things I noticed when I saw this card were all the colours. I noticed the colour purple, the colour green, and the colour orange. And it felt like those colours are really significant to today's message.

The message is about exceeding expectations.

What does that say to you?

Does that say to you that, perhaps, you've been playing too small? Does that say to you that you've been underestimating how good, how powerful, and how strong you actually are? Does it maybe mean that those around you don't expect that much from you, and you're going to exceed even their expectations?

Like I said, the colours orange, purple and green seem really significant this week. It seems like it's more the colours that are significant than the symbolism in the card this week.

Let's look at those colours. Let's first let take the colour purple. Purple is all about angelic connection. The colour orange is about spiritual growth. And then we have the colour green; green is about healing.

It feels very much like there's a theme here.

It feels very much like, if there is an area in your life where you are struggling, if you maybe have been playing yourself down and playing too small, or if those around you have kept you small by not expecting so much from you, now's the time to exceed your expectations. And how you exceed those expectations is by creating a really strong connection with the angels.

The colour purple is seen in the leotard that the lady is wearing. And the angels are saying that they want to become your second skin, "invite us into your life every morning, thank us and show gratitude to us for guiding and supporting you every day. But please, bring us into your life and build that connection with us so that we can walk alongside you and help and support you along your path, so you will exceed expectations."

it's not because we have an angelic connection that, all of a sudden, the angels will step in and change our life and ensure that we exceed our expectations. The exceeding of our expecations comes from within. However, with the angels and our connection with the angels, they will support us, they will helps us to grow, they will help us to believe in ourselves until we do exceed those expectations.

The other colour that I mentioned was orange which is spiritual growth.

Each and every one of us is a soul enjoying a human experience. But we are a soul. And we are connected to Source energy, to our creator, to God, to Allah, whichever name you choose to use. We are all one. We are part of the Source energy. But, whenever we come into our body, quite often we forget who we are in our very essence. And the angels are encouraging us to remember who we are in our essence, to remember who we are at soul level. Create that spiritual connection again because whenever we create that spiritual conection again, whenever we remember who we are as souls, and how huge our soul is, how powerful our soul is, then we can exceed our expectations.

So, they are encouraging us to grow spiritually, to remember who we are because there's nothing that our soul cannot achieve. There's nothing we cannot achieve, if we put our mind to it, here on earth. We have infinite possibilities ahead of us. It's just, sometimes, our human brain keeps us small and doesn't let us grow. So they're saying invest in spiritual growth, invest in believing in yourself, invest in realising the soul you are; that you are part of creative energy and Creator's energy. You're not separate, you're part of it. You are it. So grow spiritually and you will exceed expectations.

The final colour that stood out for me was the colour, green. If we look at the colour green on the card, it comes in the form of stems with leaves growing from them. However, if you take it into context with the rest of the card, it almost seems out of proportion, it almost seems too big. If you look, the lady is standing on a very large ball or, I'd like to say. it's the globe - she's standing on top of the world. Then on either side of her are these really large leaves that seem so much out of proportion.

What's that saying to us?

Like I said, green is the colour of healing and, on either side of us, we must also focus on healing, we must attract heaing towards us. We are a soul, like I said, in a human body. That human body, sometimes, is not as strong as what our soul is. Our soul is perfect. But our human body can go through imbalances, through challenges, through hurt and damage, through dis-ease. We want to be able to bring healing to our body because our body's core essence is to be healthy. It doesn't want to attract imbalances and dis-eases, it naturally wants to heal itself but we seem to have forgotten that along the way. More often than not, we turn to medical professionals, "help me", "heal me". But we've actually got the ability, the more natural ability, within us to heal. Our soul can heal our body. And when we are healed, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, then, again, we can exceed expectations.

So, this card is saying you have it in you, you can exceed your expectations. Stop playing small. Expect so much from yourself because your soul is full of infinite possibilities. Your soul can achieve anything. And it can help your body, in the human form, achieve anything too.

It's not a matter of choosing "will I create an angelic connection?" (the colour purple), "will I grow spiritually?" (the colour orange) or "will I focus on healing myself?" (the colour green). It's not a matter of choosing one over the other so you can exceed your expectations, it's a matter of intertwining them all. All three go as one. All three are present on this card. All three have stood out for me on this card.

In order for you to exceed your expectations, the angels are encourging you and inviting you to create a stronger connection with them. They are inviting you to grow spiritually. And they are inviting you to find ways that you can heal yourself on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

You are a soul. In your very essence, you are not a human being. In your very essence, you are a soul with infinite possibilities, with infinite abilities, with infinite capabilities. So, you can exceed your human expectations. You just need to focus on growing spiritually, on connecting with the angels, and on healing, and you will exceed your expectations.

This is the end of playing small. This is the end of "but I can't do this". And this is the end of listening to those around you who are putting you down and thinking you cannot achieve the dreams that you want to achieve.

Now is the time to surround yourself with supporters. And there are no better supporters to walk alongside you than the angels.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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