flying free

“I unfurl my wings and fly!”

When you read my personal interpretation of this card (shared below the video), the message I received from the card for myself, you'll probably be thinking "She picked that card, purposely".

Honestly, truly, I didn't. But this is exactly how angel cards work.

You think of a question or situation (in my case, my personal story below) and the angels will draw a card that will give you guidance, support, advice on that situation.

The very fact that my personal interpretation of this card is so closely linked to the story I share with you is no coincidence. Not only was it beautiful confirmation and support for me from the angels. but it was their way of demonstrating just how special a personal angel card reading can be.

Before moving on, take a few moments to see what stands out in the card to you?

Watch the video below for the interpretation. I break each element, symbol, colour of the card down, but remember, not everything will be relevant to you. Only the parts that really stood out to you will have a special meaning... respect and honour that. You're not meant to notice everything in a card.

After watching the video, scroll down a little further to read my personal interpretation.

Here's my personal interpretation of this card:

Flying free… to be removed from the chains that are holding you down. To be free to fly like a bird. That’s the message I’m feeling for myself with this card. What I shared with you, about my experience (and fear) with mainstream religion. Well, by choosing this card, the angels have really captured how I felt when I was young and how I feel today.

When they were knocking on my heart 30 years ago, I wouldn’t let them in. Because I was afraid… afraid of what I might have to become as a result. I felt like a caged bird. I felt trapped in a life that didn’t feel right or authentic to me. But I was too young to break free.

And by the time I left home and was, essentially, able to break free, I had resigned myself to the belief that to fly free I needed to follow a certain (flight) path along which I really would never be free.

Now, however, 30 years on with the guidance of amazing women who have been placed in my path by, I believe, the angels, my wings have been opened. I have been released from the cage that has held me for so many years. And I am truly able to fly free. To believe in what I want to believe in. To follow my heart. To trust in the angels and invisible beings I have invited into my life, that they’ll always support me.

What stands out for me the most on the card is the woman, dressed in gold with a dark purple cape, flying on the back of a white dove. And in the distance beautiful purple mountains.

The woman, me, dressed in gold and purple. Gold is prosperity and success; purple is angelic connection. The angels are guiding me that the path I have now chosen to follow, the path with my chosen angelic connection, will glide me to success. I like that it’s the cloak that’s coloured in purple as it makes me feel that the angels are ‘attached’ to me, with me all the time when I need them.

The white dove. Well birds signify flying, surmounting, freedom and higher perspective. And white is Divine Source energy. It took me 30 years but I now have a higher perspective of religion, angels and the divine.  A perspective that is bringing me a sense of freedom and a connection with Divine Source energy.

The purple mountains. I’ve already mentioned that purple relates to angelic connection. People often see mountains as an obstacle but they actually represent opportunity; an opportunity to conquer your challenges.

So now that I have invited the angels into my life, in my terms (ie not by following a religion that didn’t feel authentic, I’m flying free. And having chosen to follow the path where I work alongside the angels everyday, such as in giving angel card readings, the angels are reassuring me that I shall be successful now that I have a higher perspective of what ‘religion’ or having angels in your life is about to me, personally. They’re guiding and supporting me on the opportunities that will appear to me on this path that I have chosen.

When I shared my personal story earlier with you, I wrote the sentence “Why am I telling you all this? To be honest, I’m not really sure but I felt it was something I should share.” I think this week’s angel card has given me the answer. By casting aside conventional beliefs and the restrictions they sometimes come with I have said “Yes” to living my own authentic life. A life that makes me true to and happy in myself. And when others see me being my authentic and happy self, they too will be encouraged to find their own wings and fly free as a bird.

I hope by sharing the personal message I have received from this card, you’ll get a feel for how you can tie together all the symbols/colours that stood out for you and what personal message the angels want you to receive today.

With love and angel sparkles

Viv xx

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

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