friendship and union


Have you been struggling with friendship recently? Have you been struggling to work out who your friends are? Have you thought, maybe, that a friendship needs a lot of work? Have you felt that, perhaps, there is something missing in a friendship? Or that you don't seem to be surrounded by as many friends as you think you should be surrounded by or would like to be surrounded by?

These are all questions that we can raise to the angels for guidance through this card.

If we look at the card, there are two people, possibly angels, possibly people standing face to face with their hands against each other. If we look at the colours in the card, we have the colour, it feels more like violet than purple, but there's a mix of purple in there as well. But let's say it's violet. And it's blended in with green. So, if you see, the colours are on either side and represented in each of the people present on the card. And that's saying to me that green, the colour of healing, and violet, the colour of transformation, enlightenment and spirituality - when you find those right people, those friends in your life who are on the save wavelength as you, who compliment you, who mirror you, it will bring great healing to you on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) and it will bring great transformation for you too, because these people will be raising you up, these people will be encouraging you to succeed and cheering you on.

If we look at the card, they're standing with their hands touching as if they're mirroring each other. It's almost like when you see a street artist and they're a mimer and they're miming to try and get out of a box or something. It's a bit like that only the person's on the other side and it feels like, on this card, that they're mirroring each other, that what one does, the other will compliment. And, so, they can raise each other up. It brings a greater connection and a greater union between these friends.

Between their hands there is this beautiful light that is going right up to the sky. And, again, that's saying that it's inviting each of them to shine their light. Again, they will compliment each other. And that light will shine up to the heavens above. You're shining your light and this friend is supporting you and encouraging you to shine your light. And, likewise, you are encouraging your friend to shine their light as well. There's no competition going on, there's no "you should do this and I should do that", rather there's a real love, a real energy, a real supportiveness, non-judgemental. Everything is done for the greater good of both and of each other.

And these are the kind of people that the angels are encouraging you to have in your life.

You may not look exactly the same, but your hearts are exactly the same. It's like saying, don't judge a book by the cover, because the contents of a book can be absolutely fascinating. So you will attract like-hearted and like-minded people into your life. It doesn't mean to say they have to be exactly the same as you, it doesn't mean to say they have to have the same beliefs as you, the same principles as you. As long as their beliefs and principles are on the same wavelength and level as yours, then they will come into your life. And the angels are wanting you to invite those people into your life. Be open-hearted, be open-minded, be open to have those people come into your life.

The other thing I said is, although this purple on the card feels very much like a violet colour, there are, also, lovely purple streaks in between the violet. Purple, for me, is the colour of angelic connection. So we're not just talking about attracting human friends into your life, we're talking about attracting angelic friends into your life so they also can buoy you up and cheer you on and help you to shine your light as brightly as possible.

So this card is on a two-fold basis. It's saying, get the people into your life who are going to support you, the fellow humans who are going to lift you up. But also work with the angels, let them become your friends. Don't make it so formal that you place the angels at a distance from you. They're your best friends, they're your greatest cheerleaders. So make sure you're connecting in with them as well. Raise yourself up, Raise each other up. Get someone to raise you up.

And if you do have friends who, maybe, are falling by the wayside, friends that maybe require a lot of work, they're maybe not the friendships that you need in your life right now.

This feels very natural. We mentioned the word 'union'. There is a real closeness, a real bond. And those are the people you want in your life. Friendships should not be hard work. Your friends should be there for you whenever you need them and you should, likewise, be there for them whenever they need you. Teamwork. Union. Support. Joy. Laughter. Anyone who brings high vibrational energy to you can become a really good friend. And those are the friends that the angels wish you to attract into your life.

So, today's card about friendship and union, it's encouraging you to invite into your life and to ask the angels to bring into your life, those human friends and angelic friends who will support you, who will buoy you up, and who you can support and buoy up as well. Because it is a mirror. What they do for you, you do for them. What you do for them, they do for you. And, together, you can shine your light, you can raise each other up, you can lift each other up.

Enjoy your friendships. Be grateful for those who are in your life, who are easy to be friends with, who are easy to have that bond and union with, and celebrate their presence in your life.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jennifer Hawkyard

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