Gender-Neutral Beauty Products - a Celebration of Your Individuality?

What do you think about the new trend of gender-neutral beauty products? The claim is that they're all about celebrating the individual, not the gender.

But how do you feel about that?

Gender neutrality is a well-debated subject, especially when it comes to children. There's no more "pink for the girls and blue for the boys"... and I get that.

But as we grow older and are comfortable with who we are, do we really want to use products that are available to everyone, regardless of gender?

Sure, the marketers and magazines tell us that gender-neutral beauty products celebrate individuality, not gender. But really? Seriously? Is this not just clever marketing? How can a product that fits all people celebrate individuality?

And why can we not celebrate our own individuality and our gender at the same time? What is so wrong about wanting to be feminine (or masculine)?

It may be my personal perspective, and the perspective that flows into every product I create, but I believe that women should enjoy and feel proud to celebrate our femininity and sensuality; to celebrate the strength of being a woman. Why try to obscure this celebration by mingling it with something that's available to anyone, regardless of gender?

With everything that has been happening in the world – the pussyhat campaign, #metoo, and revelations of just how inequal pay really is between the genders, even in Hollywood - why would we, as women, not want to stand firm and stand strong in our femininity? Why would we want to blend in? It just seems too contradictory. 

On the one hand we are shouting loud and our voices are slowly being heard whilst on the other hand we’re being encouraged to be gender-neutral and celebrate individuality that is the same as every other person.

I just don't get it.

And, to be honest, I don't wish to.

I am a woman and I am proud to be a woman. And at a time when the world needs strong women to step forward and lead, I don't believe now is the right time to be gender-neutral. We should be gender-proud.

What do you think?