get rid of your pores...?

So I follow a few other brands in my industry, some small artisan brands and some large corporations, and I find it interesting the claims that many make to encourage you to part with your hard-earned cash.

For example “Use this and your pores will be gone by morning!”.

Spoiler alert – it’s simply not possible to get rid of your pores…. nor should you want to!

Like everything on/in our amazing bodies, they’re there for a reason and have an important role to play and, without them, our body would be in quite some trouble until it finds new ways to perform vital functions… not something that can happen overnight.

Basically a pore is the opening on your skin which is connected to a hair follicle, which travels down through the layers of your skin. It is through this pore that the hair shaft can protrude outwards and it is through this pore that dead cells from inside the follicle can be secreted out.

So your pores are kinda important little things.

But the idea behind the marketing of this product is that by using it, you can reduce the size of your pores. Depending on your skin type, some people will have seemingly invisible pores (dry skin) whilst others at the other end of the spectrum will have more visible pores (oily skin). The product is aimed at ladies who have more visible pores and, like most marketing, is focused on highlighting what may be a vulnerability.

So can you reduce the size of your pores?

Unfortunately not.

According to Debra Jaliman, a Dermatologist in New York, “Pore size is genetically determined.” You can’t make pores any smaller. However you can minimise the appearance of your pores. And the key to making them appear smaller is to keep them clear and healthy. If you want to read more about keeping your pores healthy, you can read my article in the Beauty Box “Top 4 Tips for Keeping Pores Healthy". To gain access to my Beauty Box, simply scroll down below and click on the picture to join my (free) Spa Club newsletter... or you can simply click here.

There are a ton of beauty and skincare claims that we are subjected to on a daily basis. Many of them (like the one above) seem pretty plausible and all, most certainly, appeal to our more vulnerable side.

In some of the emails I share with my Spa Club, I highlight a few of these claims and explain why they’re false and/or misleading because, when you’re out shopping, I want you to be able to find the gold amongst the chuff, not get pulled in by smart misleading marketing.

Viv xx