give in to passion


Whenever I read the phrase on the card, "give in to passion", I thought, what a strange phrase, what an unusual way to word enjoying yourself. But then I thought about it again, "give in to passion", and, often, we are so caught in doing the right thing, in working hard. We're told you can get far if you work hard, that quite often we forget to enjoy ourselves.

Don't forget about the phrase, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". It's important to not resist things that light you up, but to give into them, to enjoy them. Let them be an important part of your life.

Why are the angels inviting us to do this?

Well, perhaps your life is a bit too serious at the moment. You're working too hard. You're too tired by the time you come home to enjoy anything. But if you think about it, whenever you've got something that's passionate... Look at her dress, the way the reds turn into oranges and yellows, it's almost like a flame. And it's something that burns inside you. It's not good to pour water on that flame. You want it to light up your life. You want to light that spark and keep it lit so the flames can engulf you. That's what it's like whenever you have a true passion. It's like flames gathering around you and engulfing you and bringing this love and this joy and this warmth to your heart and to your life. Without it, things would be a bit dull, things are a bit cold, things aren't as bright as they should be.

The lady (or witch) on the card is playing a violin. It doesn't mean to say that your passion has to be music-orientated. You may like playing an instrument. You may like singing. You may like dancing. But what about the arts? What about painting and drawing. Needlecraft, knitting, any of that. Or sport. Walking and hiking, enjoying being in a forest, listening to the birds singing.

What lights you up?

Go in search of what lights you up and follow that passion because it brings a brand new element to your life. It sets your life alight because you're not just going through the grind every day of going to work, working hard, and earning money so you can buy nice things. When you have a passion, it can be free. You enjoy that passion, you let yourself go, and you have a great time.

Even if your passion is playing an instrument and you're not that good compared to somebody who may play in an orchestra, but you love to get lost in the music that you make. Enjoy it. Don't let anybody tell you you're not good enough. Don't let anybody stop you from enjoying what you love to do, what you're passionate about. Because you're lighting up your soul, you're raising your vibration.

And, as we can see on the card, there's so much green, so much vibrant green everywhere. Green, for me, is the colour of healing and whenever it's this vibrant it's really positive. Whenever you give in to your passion, whenever you just let go and have a wonderful time and lose track of time beause you're so involved in what you love to do, it brings so much healing to you on every level: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

We also see a lot of butterflies on the card. Butterflies are all about change and transformation. Your passion, what lights you up, even if it cannot be what you go to do every day at work, but it's a hobby and a passion, it will transform you, it will bring you more energy. And that means that whenever you do things that you have to do but which aren't necessarily your passion, but you need to do them to get through life, you have more energy about you, more vibrancy, more passion even about those tasks. Because you know you have something that you can throw yourself into and totally enjoy and have fun with. Again, we have a cat in the background and he's trying to catch these butterflies. He's having fun. And that's what having a passion is all about.

The angels, today, are inviting you to have fun, to let go, to release anything that may be tightening around you. And to do so, turn to something that lights you up, that makes you feel alive, that you just enjoy doing, that whenever you get involved in whatever it may be, hours can pass without you even realising it. Because you'e in the flow and you are enjoying  it so much.

So enjoy your life. It's not all about the daily grind. It's not all about getting up and going to work and coming home and going to bed, and getting up, and so it revolves. Inject passion into your life and enjoyment, and something that makes you feel fulfilled. Because when you do, it takes your vibration to another level and, then, you can take that passion forward into the everyday tasks that you do in life.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Everyday Witch Oracle Deck by Deborah Blake, artwork by Elisabeth Alba

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