give love


When I looked at this card, what caught my eye the most and what caught my eye first, was the duality that's going on. Not just because there are two people on the card, two candles on the card, two cats on the card. But it was also the opposites. And it's like the duality of nature reminds us of the opposite sides of nature.

We have the white and the black skirts, we have the white and the black cats. And it's reminding us of light and dark, day and night, the duality of nature. And we're talking about giving love, here. And it's kind of saying to me that, because duality feels so important on this card, have things recently, maybe been a little bit one-sided? Have you been receiving a lot of love but you haven't necessarily been giving a lot of love?

Sometimes whenever we're really busy, life is hectic, we assume that our family and friends know that we love them and we don't always tell them. But now we're being reminded to give love: tell your family and friends how much you love them. Take that little bit of time out. You never know what's round the corner tomorrow. So, today, whenever you're feeling that love, express it to them.

But don't just express it to those who know that you love them, express it towards strangers, opposites. So if you see someone on the street who's looking a bit down, you don't have to go up and say to them, in person, "I love you", just send love towards them. If you somebody's in a shop and they smile at you, smile back, give love back to them. It's not all about the receiving, we need to bring this into balance. It's about the two sides where you receive but you also give.

We have the moon on this card. If we think about the moon, the moon goes through phases and cycles. And it's a respresentation of our phases and cycles through life. But what I feel it means in this card, for this message, is that, if you think of the moon, you've got the 'no' moon or the new moon where you can barely see it and then it fills up to become the full moon. And that reminds me of love, whenever you give love. Whenever you give, give, give love and you run out of all the love that you have inside you, it's going to be replaced, it's going to be filled up again so you can keep on giving, giving, giving.

So it's like the full moon. It never ceases to be filled up. It's always replenishing, it's always filling itself up. Whenever you give love, you have more love that you can give. You never run empty. You never run dry.

It feels, very much, that this card is focusing and suggesting that, yes, give love because, perhaps, you have been on the receiving end of love or just haven't had the time to express your love to those that you know you love and who know that you love them. But also it's really important to, not just give love to those who are familiar to you, but give love to everybody, to people in your community, to people in the world, to people who aren't, perhaps, as well-off as you are in whatever way that may be. Give love to and join together with those who are different from you.

You can see in the picture how easy it is for the two cats to share a bowl of milk. It's not always easy for humans to express love or to show love, do loving actions towards somebody they really don't know, towards another human being they don't know who they are, or what their circumstances are. It's sometimes difficult for us to give love in those circumstances. But those are the circumstances where the angels really want us to step up at the moment and spread that love, because there are people out there in the world who need to receive that love. And there are people out in the world who are always giving love all the time. It's for us now to sit up and also give that love.

Again, not just to the people we know and love, but to strangers, to people we meet on the street, to people in other countries, to people in other cities, to people in other continents. Spreading the love to them. And. as we do, as we focus on love within our heart centre (see the little hearts rising up in the smoke on the card), it sets out heart alive, it sets it alight with love. And those little hearts, those little symbols of love, will reach out from our heart centre and will travel, through the energy of the Universe, will travel to whomever needs to receive and know that they are loved.

So, remember, it's lovely to receive love just like at Christmas it's lovely to receive presents, but it's also important and necessary to give as well. Not to give in order to receive, but to give because then, whenever you give, you have more love to give.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Everyday Witch Oracle Deck by Deborah Blake, artwork by Elisabeth Alba

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