go with the flow


My question for you, today, would be: Is there something in one area, or more areas, of your life, is there an obstacle that you have been desperately trying to get over or get around? Have you maybe been fighting or resisting whatever it is that seems to be standing in your path? Perhaps you feel it's too big to climb over, perhaps you feel it's too wide to go around, and you are struggling to get past it and you are resisting it and you fighting it?

The angels are saying, it's time to go with the flow. To release all that you are wanting to fight. To just let life take it's course and see that happens.

There is so much colour in this card and yet the colours are all blue and green. To create a card primarily out of two colours is really something quite clever. We have green which is the colour of healing. We have light blue which is the colour of harmony. And dark blue which is the colour, for me, of strength.

Whenever you go with the flow, you're no longer fighting, you're no longer having sleepless nights over this challenge that has been placed in your path, you're no longer biting at the people around you because you're feeling so frustrated and uptight. It brings a lovely healing with it because, when you go with the flow, you have to let go of the oar you have been using in your boat, an oar that, if perhaps you come up against an obstacle, you can paddle your way away from the obstacle. No. You're letting the oar float away, you're no longer relying on it. And that requires such trust in life, such faith that life will guide you where you need to be guided.

And when you have trust and faith, it will bring great healing because you're no longer trying to swim upstream, you're no longer exerting too much energy on something that's really not benefitting you and, therefore, your life can become a lot healthier.

Again, light blue for harmony. When you go with the flow, you're not fighting things, you're trusting, you're having faith, and it brings better harmony to your life.

And dark blue, the colour of strength, for me. It takes strength and courage to just let go, to just believe that life will sort out for you, that the obstacle that's standing in your way is there for your benefit, it's there for you to learn, it's there for you to grow. It's not something that's been placed there in spite of you, to try and prove that you're not good enough, you're not worthy enough. It's not there to encourage you to fight it. You want to go with the flow. If there is an obstacle in your path, you want to accept that obstacle and trust that life will show you a way over it or round it.

There are two symbols that I want to point out on this card. I want to point out the symbol of the willow tree and then the symbol of the reeds.

If you think of a willow tree, it's a very flexible tree. The branches of it can be bent in numerous ways without ever breaking, it's so incredibly flexible. If you're going with the flow, one of the traits that you need to have in your life is flexibility. You need to be flexible, you need to be ready that, if that obstacle is stopping you moving forward, when you go with the flow, you find another way round. You maybe have to step back a little bit, you may have to retrace your steps a couple of times and find another route round. But that's you being flexible. Being stubborn, being pig-headed, it's not going to get you anywhere. It's just going to bring more obstacles into your path. And those obstacles are going to start piling up. So you want to have a bit of flexibility. You want to be able to move and bend and twist and let life carry you through, trusting that you will find the solution you need whenever you go with the flow.

We have reeds as well. If you think about the reed, it's been around for centuries, it's been used for centuries, even since the Ancient Egyptians. It's been used in so many ways. Anything from thatching a roof that, if it's a really good thatch, will last for, possibly, decades, to insulating a house, to even creating a whistle or a flute that you can play music on. It has so many purposes. What's that saying to us about our life? You're not just here for one purpose. Don't set your eyes and your goals and your focus on only one thing. Yes, it's good to do one thing at a time and complete a goal before moving on to the next, but remember you are here for so much more. So when something gets in your way, when there's a stumbling block in your way, remember you're here for so much more. So, maybe, this obstacle is stopping you moving forward because it's not yet your time to move in that direction. And when you go with the flow of life, life may guide you in a different direction and so you fulfill another purpose of your life first before you come back to where that obstacle is and it may no longer be there anymore.

The final thing I want to pick up on in this card is the face of the witch and the face of the cat. When you go with the flow, it's such a sense of relief. She looks so peaceful and happy in this card. She's not fighting, she's not struggling, she's not looking exhausted because of sleepless nights. She's accepted life, she's trusting that the Universe has her back and she's going with the flow. It's like a weight has come off her shoulders, there's a happiness in her face. And there's a happiness in the cat's face also. Think about it. Loved ones around you, close friends, whomever may be around you whenever you're going through this battle with an obstacle that's in your path, you could be fighting this obstacle so hard that you may forget about your friends and family because you're so focused on trying to get past this obstacle. At the same time, maybe because of sleepless nights, you might be biting people's noses off, you might be irritable, you might be nit-picky and those around you aren't enjoying life when you are in such a bad way. So, again, going with the flow not only helps yourself, makes your life easier and happier, it makes the life of those around you easier and happier too.

So the angels are saying it is good to be tested in life, it is good to come across obstacles because they are something for us to learn from. But if there's an obstacle that's standing in your way, you also need to bare in mind that sometimes you need to be a little bit more flexible, you need to go with the flow and maybe change direction, even if you have to re-trace your steps a little bit. It's not a problem. You have more than one purpose to your life and focusing on one task that you're not getting anywhere with, is not doing you any good at all. Turn your attention to something else that you can work through easier, that will make your life easier and happier, and those around you too.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Everyday Witch Oracle Deck by Deborah Blake, artwork by Elisabeth Alba

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