express your divine feminine energy, embracing its magical intuition and nurturing qualities


This card is very, very full of symbolism and colour. To talk about every single symbol and colour on this card would lend us to actually become very confused because we'd be going into far too much detail and, whenever we look at everything on a card, it can turn out to be quite a muddled message. So, I'm only going to pull out a few symbols that have really caught my eye and that is the message that we are going to receive through those symbols.

What I want to highlight, in the foreground there's a lovely angel, a lovely female, who seems to be sleeping. She's got lilies in her hair and there are quite a few flowers around her. And then there's an orange globe of sorts that is really prominent up in the sky.

Let's talk about this female character first. She's sleeping. That's what she looks to be doing to me. She looks to be sleeping. And with the lilies in her hair. Flowers are all a bout expressing your emotions, but the lilies in her hair feel very strong to me. And seeing a character sleeping with lilies close is reminding me of some Greek mythology, where lilies are associated with rebirth, rejuvenation, and fertility. It comes from the story that includes Hercules, Zeus and Hera. And, from memory, Hera was not Hercules' mother but Zeus wanted Hercules to bond with Hera so while Hera was sleeping, Zeus brought Hercules along and tried to get him to drink milk from Hera's breast. But Hera woke up whenever this was happening and, when she realised what was happening, pushed both Zeus and Hercules away. As the milk was falling from her breast, it fell on the ground and created white lilies. And that's why lilies are related to fertility and to rebirth.

The lilies on the card are saying, perhaps you've been spending a bit too much time in masculine energy, the energy of taking action, of doing, of stepping forward and being really consciously taking action. And this card is all about feminine energy, the energy of gentleness, of openness, of intuition, of creativity, of opening your heart, of fertility and rebirth. And it's saying to me that it's encouraging you to be reborn, to dip into the feminine energy, the goddess energy more than you have been in the masculine energy. Her very presence on this card where she looks to be sleeping, says to me that it's anot all about taking action anymore. Being in your feminine energy is opening yourself up to receive. It's a quiet and soft energy which explains why she is sleeping.

It feels like, on this card, that she is sleeping and all this is happening in her head as she sleeps or in reality as she is sleeping. She's not having to take action and amke these things happen. They're happening because she's in her divine feminine energy, she's in her goddess energy, she's embracing its magical intuition and nurturing qualities.

But is happening while she is sleeping? Well, I mentioned this big orange globe in the background. It looks to me like an other worldly planet, like a planet in the aolr system that hasn't yet been discovered. And the colour orange, for me, is all about spiritual growth. So, it says to me that whenever you go into your feminine energy, whenever you embrace the goddess energy, that you will grow spiritually and you will evolve until you move to another planet. Not literally, but it's almost as if you are evolving in your energy until you reach a whole new height, until it's almost like you're living a completely different life.

We can see to the side of the cards that are some boats which seem to be coming forward to help you on your journey. Whenever you're entering that phase to go on this rebirth for more spiritual growth, whenever you are opening your heart to receive, whenever you're getting ready for rebirth and the rejuvenation, the angels will help you, they will carry you there, they will provide the transport to take you there, the sailing vessels that will take you across what could possibly be an unknown sea to reach that destination of spiritual growth.

So the card is saying to me, perhaps you have been very involved in your masculine energy, making things happen, taking action, stepping forward. And now is the time to sit back and let things happen, let growth take place, let rebirth happen, rejuvenation. Enter a more nurturing phase, a phase where intuition plays a stronger role, where you open your heart and just let things happen to encourage more spiritual growth. So, it's a more gentle phase, a softer phase, rather than the hardened phase of always taking action. Trust that you can grow spiritually without having to take that action, by dipping into the goddess energy so that you can grow spiritually, you can reach brand new heights, and the angels and the Divine will provide the support that you need to get there.

Just enter that feminine energy, open your heart, ger ready to receive, use the magical qualities of nurturing like a mother, and intuition of the moon.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Angel Therapy Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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