exfoliating doesn't have to be 'harsh'

When most women I chat to talk about exfoliating, they talk about bringing out the big guns: the salt scrubs or sugar scrubs.

Whilst these are excellent products for exfoliating your skin and leaving it glowing and radiant, you don't have to use them all the time or, indeed, you may not actually be able to use them at all if you have sensitive skin.

There are a number of benefits associated with weekly exfoliation such as the removal of dead cells from the skin. If there are too many dead cells caught on the skin your moisturiser simply will not be able to penetrate through to do its job. This can be especially important if you have naturally dry skin as this skin type can often be quite flaky and not all of the dry skin cells will fall off your skin naturally, they may need a helping hand.

Additionally, if you do not exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells, they can block your pores and prevent your body from naturally and effectively eliminating toxins from your body through the pores. This can lead to breakouts, especially if you have a more oily skin type.

And one of the health benefits associated with exfoliating is the increase in blood circulation and lymphatic system, encouraging skin to grow new healthy cells. It also helps break down and drain fatty tissues as well as making way for toxins to leave your skin.

So, exfoliating your skin is a really healthy routine to build into your week, once a week.

But what if you have really sensitive skin and heavy exfoliants such as salt or sugar are too harsh for you? And what if you want a mid-week 'touch up' that is a bit more gentle? (you really don't want to bring out the 'big guns', ie products containing salts and sugars, more than once a week)

What should you do then?

I recommend you turn to a gentle exfoliant, one that contains fruit seeds which effectively exfoliate your skin but are much softer in water. And that's why I have created the Shower Ice Scrub.

It's perfect for women with more sensitive skin (or more sensitive areas of skin) as it contains seeds, such as strawberry and poppy, which are much less abrasive on the skin, yet do the job they are required to do: exfoliate. As they're more gentle they can be used more than once a week. And this is also perfect for women with drier skin (I recommend, for drier skin, you exfoliate with a Spa Salt Scrub once a week and then, to maintain healthy skin, use a Shower Ice Scrub in the interim, also once a week)

I currently have psoriasis on the bottom half of my legs. To use one of the big guns exfoliants on that part of my leg is just too painful and feels like it causes more damage to my skin, even though my psoriasis can be quite flaky and I know it needs to be exfoliated. So, where once a week I use a Spa Salt Scrub to exfoliate my body, I don't use it on the bottom half of my legs. I just leave that area alone during my weekly exfoliating ritual. However, I do also use a Shower Ice Scrub all over my body twice a week. And this keeps my psoriasis better under control as it invites the flaky dead skin cells that cling onto the bottom part of my leg to be buffed away, leaving my skin much smoother and allowing my body butter to penetrate more easily.

So whilst exfoliating once a week with a Spa Salt Scrub is brilliant, for most women, it may not be the best (and only) option for all women. And for those women, i recommend a more gentle Shower Ice Scrub.

"Oooh la la Shower Ice Scrub... When I opened it & smelt it it was lovely. When I used the item. It was lovely I used it with a pooff the product goes a long way you only need a little as it goes a long way. It makes my skin feel soft. After my bath my skin still felt smooth.
I highly recommend this. Especially as it’s natural & environmentally aware." ~ Clair