hearing messages from spirit

“I am a clear channel for messages from Spirit”

What does 'Spirit' mean to you. Angels? A loved one who's crossed over?

And what stands out in the card to you?

Watch the video below for the interpretation. I break each element, symbol, colour of the card down, but remember, not everything will be relevant to you. Only the parts that really stood out to you will have a special meaning... respect and honour that. You're not meant to notice everything in a card.

Reference: This beautiful card is from Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn, artwork by Jesse Reisch

Open your heart to receive these beautiful messages and celebrate the smallest of signs that you receive. A feather could float down on you in a place where feathers just could not exist, when you turn on the radio certain words might catch your ears or a special song might suddenly be played. When you’re out and about a butterfly might fly close to you. Or, if you have an angelic symbol, stay vigilant as you should see it.

I feel that the angels are setting us all a challenge… to listen and be open to messages we receive from them and from loved ones. Are you up for the challenge?

Speaking of feathers. I can remember the very first time I received a feather from the angels. I’d always heard about people receiving them in the most unusual places such as falling out of a book or when they’re out walking seeing a whole bunch of feathers only to return a couple of minutes later to the same spot and find nothing there.

The first feather I received was one morning after my shower. I was about to dry my hair and a teeny tiny little feather (the size of a pinhead!) slowly floated down from the ceiling. It was simply impossible that a feather could have been in my bathroom. And, to confirm that it was what I thought it was, I studied to rule out that it could be some fur from one of my bunnies... it wasn’t.

The feather was so very small, I easily could have written it off as not being a proper feather or not being a sign that the angels were watching over me. But I learned a while ago that signs are signs, it doesn’t matter how small or big they are (don’t believe me? Read my blog post here when you receive a sign from the angels you cherish it and say ‘thank you’)

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