holy love


Before we dive into the card, to see what stands out in the card, I want to talk about the title, "holy love".

What is holy love?

Well, for me, holy love is the ultimate love. It's the highest form of love.

As humans, we have got an ego, and when we love something or someone, we tend to usually love it with conditions attached. However, holy love, being so much higher, there are no conditions. Whenever there is holy love involved, you are loved no matter who you are, no matter how others may judge you as being right or wrong, you are loved by the Universe unconditionally.

However, there's another way I want to interpret 'holy love' and I know it's playing with the spelling a little bit. But it's 'wholely' with a 'w'. You are loved fully and completely, as a whole soul being. It's almost like, if you look at the card, you see the person and there's so much going on around the person. There's so much love being generated around this person. They are loved as a whole, as a complete energetic being. Not one part of this person is not being loved, whenever we talk about holy, unconditional love. The whole person is being loved. The whole person is seen as being perfect: their character, their physicality, their thought processes, their thinking, how they live their life. Everything, whenever it comes to holy love is wholely loved.

Let's dive into the card.

If we look at the card, there's one person on the card and I feel that person represents you. There's so much going on in the background. It's almost like there's so many representations of love being shown to you on this card. For example, we have the flowers on her head. Flowers are often seen as an expression of love. They're an expression of emotion. Whenever you give flowers, you often give them to say, "I love you", "I care for you",  "I hope you're health will get better". They're an expression of caring and love. So flowers are telling us that we are loved.

We've also got the flower, the rose which is the ultimate flower of love, coming from the heart centre. And we know our heart centre is the place of love, the place of purity and love. It feels like this rose hasn't quite blossomed yet, colour-wise. It feels like it's quite faded. It feels like all this love that's surrounding you is trying to penetrate your heart but it's not quite there yet. You need to open you heart and let all of this love in. You can deal with this love. It's not going to be overwheming. It's going to fill you with so much joy and pleasure that you're going to enjoy it, so open your heart to it. I feel that's a message we're being invited to receive through this card.

If we look to the background, there appear to be wings coming to wrap around this person. When we think of wings we think of the angels caring and loving us, we think of loved ones who've crossed over who, from beyond the veil, are always loving us, and loving us to a deeper and stronger extent than they ever did whenever they were in human form. Because now that they're back into the spiritual form, into their energetic form, now they know what pure and utter holy love is. That's what they're expressing towards you. They just want to wrap their wings around you. So, again, you're being invited to open up and let them; the loved ones who've crossed over, your spirit team, the angels, whomever it may be, let them embrace you and wrap you in love.

I feel that the blue thing that's wrapped around her, when I looked at it, it felt like a comforting blanket. Again, it is saying, "We are giving you so much love, we're wrapping you in this beautifu, gentle, warming, comforting love". And that's what holy love is. It's nothing to be frightened of. It's something to open your heart to and embrace.

However, now let's look at the figure on the card, the face of the figure on the card. There's so much love surrounding this person and, yet, look at her face. To me, it's not quite a face of someone who is scared but we're going in that kind of direction. It's not that they're oblivious. The face doesn't look like somebody who's oblivious to all this love, it's more like panic. It's not fear, but I would suggest slight panic in the face. It's almost like, "There's so much love around me, I don't think I can deal with it". And on the other side, "There's so much love around me, but do I deserve this? Am I worthy of this love?"

And I feel that that is such a huge message. Perhaps that is why the rose at her heart centre isn't so brightly coloured on the card because you're struggling to accept that you are worthy of the purest form of love; that the angels, the Divine, the Universe, loved ones who've crossed over, your spirit team are saying, "Open your heart to our love. We want to give you so much love". And you're like, "I don't think I deserve this. I don't think I'm worthy of this".

Who are you to say that you are not worthy of another energetic being's love? They are seeing you in the most pure light. They love every part of you. Like I said, their holy love loves the whole of you. They love every single inch of you, inside and out. They see you as pure, as loving, as caring and someone that they want to express their love to. And yet there you are standing, going, "I don't think I'm worthy. I don't think I deserve this". But you do.

It's a matter of going into your heart and believing that, if you didn't deserve this love, you wouldn't be swaddled in it the way you're being swaddled in it in this picture, you wouldn't be getting this love from all directions. So you need to change your thinking, you need to change your mindset and open your heart and realise, "I am worthy and deserving of love". Because once you open your heart, once you change your mindset and let all this love come into your life, you're going to raise your vibration, because love is such a beautiful high vibration and unconditional love is even higher a vibration. And you're going to raise your vibration so that you open yourself up to, not only receiving more love, but receiving everything that carries such a beautiful and high vibration, such as joy and peace and happiness, and everything that comes along with that.

This card is about holy love which says to me that you are surrounded and swaddled in love. However, the deeper meaning of this card is not to panic, not to doubt that you are worthy or deserving of this love. Rather to change you mindset and open your heart. And openly and gratefully receive the love that all those energetic beings who love you and are surrounding you, are sending you every single second of every single day.

Reference: This beautiful card is from The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jennifer Hawkyard

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